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September 10, 2020

Naperville IL – 2 Types of  Exterior Signs for Yoga and Fitness Centers!

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Exercise is a big deal in 2020. Whether you are opening a new gym, revamping an existing yoga studio, or rebranding a fitness site, having the right exterior signs for yoga and fitness centers in Naperville, IL, is crucial. However, would you know what signage solutions could be ideally suited for your business?

Raceway-Mounted Channel Letters

Channel Letters for Fitness Centers in Naperville IL

Located at 3420 Lacrosse Lane, the yoga studio is a haven of calm, relaxation, and posture exercise. Suitable for beginners and advanced learners, the studio works with a broad range of individuals. To get attention from passersby and other shoppers visiting the nearby businesses, the owner decided to display channel letters.

They light up after dark, which ensures an easy view for anyone searching out the yoga studio. Because it was impossible to access the letters from behind the façade, technicians used a raceway mount. Look closely, and you will notice a narrow box that is mounted to the building’s front. Painted in the façade’s color, it contains all of the wirings for the LEDs.

After attaching the raceway to the façade, the installers then mount the individual letters to the structure’s front. It looks great and affords an exceptional marketing and branding opportunity for the business owner. You will frequently see that clients prefer raceway constructions because they require fewer holes to be drilled into the façade.

3D Building Letters Announce the Presence of a Fitness Studio

Dimensional Letter building signs in Naperville IL

In contrast, the studio located at 3116 South, Illinois Route 59, in the Wheatland Marketplace, does not need the illumination. For starters, there is plenty of lighting from nearby lanterns. Moreover, the light-colored three-dimensional building letters easily stand out against the red brick façade.

Sign foam, acrylic, and metal are popular materials for this type of project. Some business clients prefer the combination of two materials such as PVC and brushed aluminum. Others ask for the addition of laminates to sign foam. We gladly accommodate these requests.

What to Look for When Buying Exterior Signs for Yoga and Fitness Centers in Naperville, IL

The primary purpose of the addition of a building sign is to have the customer find you. That said, it also offers an excellent opportunity to build your brand and boost name recognition in your area. Therefore, business owners typically choose signage to help them stand out among the competition and others nearby.

As a result, it makes sense that the sign that looks great for a yoga studio might not be the best choice for the fitness center down the road. Because each location is different, it is essential to take a unique approach to every project. Our team generally believes in doing a site survey, which helps us understand the size requirements for your signage and the surrounding area as well as its overall presentation. And, we are experts at sign installation!

In this way, we gladly give you input on color details, material options, illuminated and non-illuminated signage, and secondary signage products that could support branding efforts. Find out more about your options by connecting with our experts today!

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