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July 28, 2020

See Some of Our Examples of School and Church Signs in Chicago IL!

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Vital Signs USA is the local sign shop that serves the business community. Did you know that we also work with faith communities and educational venues? Frequently, those in charge of ordering signage do not know what they need and what the law requires. Our examples of school and church signs in Chicago, IL, answer some of these questions.

Monument Signs Increase Name Recognition, Help with Wayfinding and Encourage Community Engagement

School and Church Signs in Chicago IL

The monument is a sign that could sit at the entrance to your parking lot. It allows you to feature your name, logo, and a brief description of your venue. However, you do not have to limit yourself to brick-and-mortar, prefabricated sign foam, acrylic, or metal.

School and Church Signs in Chicago IL

Some churches have had excellent success combining a lightbox cabinet construction with a reader board. Because it illuminates after dark, you make it easy for congregants to find you. Regularly changing messages draw attention and could encourage visitors to come in.

LED Digital Monument Signs for Schools in Chicago IL

Many schools are using LED reader boards that allow the administration to change messages. Choose from multi-color displays or opt for a single-hue setup. Change words from your desk when necessary to alert parents to early dismissals or to have a friendly message up during the summer vacation.

Post and Panel Signs Assist with Wayfinding

Post and Panel Signs for Schools in Chicago IL

It is not unusual for career schools, primary schools, and smaller congregations to rent spaces such as storefronts or converted warehouses. Because you share the campus with businesses and other offices, it makes sense to help first-time visitors to the location find their ways around.

Post and Panel Directory Signs for Schools in Chicago IL

Post and panel signs are the most cost-effective option currently on the market. They are fully customizable, allow for changes when tenants switch locations and even permit add-ons such as hanging sign bars and LED illumination.

Vehicle and Trailer Wraps Combine Wayfinding with Name Recognition

Trailer Graphics for Schools in Chicago IL

Our technicians customarily work with churches as well as schools that are looking to boost name recognition with an always-on advertising option. Vehicle wraps and lettering are excellent choices. As you move the band truck, church van, car, or donations trailer, you take your message to all areas of the city you serve. When you park it, the vehicle supports your monument sign’s functions.

Customized Room Signs Meet Legal Requirements and Allow for Easy Wayfinding

Wayfinding Signs for Churches in Chicago IL

Do not forget to focus on ADA-compliant interior signs. Rooms with permanent functions frequently must feature the signage that displays sufficient color contrasts, Braille II dots, and compliant font. Our team will help you determine the rooms you need to label in this manner. Because compliance is not an easy topic, work with our experts to save money on the signage that does not require this treatment.

ADA and Braille Signs for Schools and Churches in Chicago IL

Of course, our examples of school and church signs in Chicago, IL, would be incomplete without also mentioning building signs. Once again, you have plenty of choices. There are channel letters, which are the most popular, non-illuminated dimensional letters, lightbox cabinets, and boards.

Give us a call today to discuss your signage requirements, and we will assist with customizing a package for your unique needs!

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