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December 10, 2015

North Wales, PA – Custom Banners for Monument Sign as Part of Rebranding Effort

Posted in: Recent Projects

downingtown pic post 1

Product: banners

Location: North Wales, PA

Client: Hunt Club Apartments


More than just the signs that we provide, Paramount Signs supplies the superior service standards that will bring a business within reach of it’s marketing goals. That is why in addition to our custom signs, we offer logo and graphic design services, sign installation, sign permitting, and sign repair/maintenance. These services are invaluable in starting and preserving your marketing package, and Paramount Signs recognizes those needs. When Paradise Management took ownership of Hunt Club Apartments in North Wales, PA, our team was asked to provide both our tailor-made signs, and our logo design service to assist the client with a complete re-branding. We were thrilled to get to work on this job!

With the need for a new logo, our design experts put together a concept that would hold true to the professionalism of the company, and yet possess a modern edge that will draw attention from the public. The intent is to catch the eye of prospective customers, and share the new ownership and look. The main effort for the sign change was panels for monument signs. These panels would reflect the new logo and ownership message, but would take some time to construct. With the challenges of time and budget before us, our team fabricated temporary banners that would be hung in place of the panels until they are done. The banners would then serve as promotional marketing for a limited time to reinforce the change in owner to the public. As you can see in the photo above, the final result was a success. The client was satisfied with the results, and our team was pleased to provide our client with the tools that they needed within the parameters that they requested.

Branding can mean the difference between a company that receives business, and a company that exceeds business. With the right image, and high quality custom marketing tools, your company can reach those maximum levels of exposure that are desired. Paramount Signs offers these brand design services to our clients with unlimited customizing options. You can choose from a variety of custom color combinations, stylized fonts and borders, high resolution images, and more. We will take into account the direction your business is looking to go, and
excel it on the path to that end!

At Paramount Signs, our team is invested in the development of premium products that will be effective, affordable, and durable. We are located in Downingtown, PA, and we service the surrounding areas. Come to see us today, and we will provide a free estimate. This consultation will assess your goals, and our professionals will provide a solution to those needs that is cohesive with your budget, location, and aesthetic. We look forward to working with you on your next custom sign solution today!

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