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October 29, 2015

West Chester, PA – Custom Vehicle Graphics Work to Promote your Business 24/7

Posted in: Industry News


Products: Vehicle wraps and graphics

Location: Downingtown, PA



Are you in the market for vehicle wraps?

One of the most effective forms of advertisement is the mobile marketing. Every day there are thousands of impressions to be made just by the regular use of your vehicle or fleet vehicles. Does your business routinely make service calls? Vehicle wraps promote your company to your client’s neighbors, friends, and family with large scale advertisements featuring your business brand, and information. These have the ability to leave a lasting impression that increases your customer base exponentially!

In the photo above you will see an example of a vehicle graphic used to advertise a moving company. The color choice is bright to draw attention, and the font is clear and legible for easily understood information given to passing traffic. The company’s logo and brand are used to leave an impression with those who see it. Below is another image that gives an example of custom graphics used to creatively display business services. The colors, images, and font are cohesive to give a clear message on the business advertising.

The variations in customizing your vehicle wraps are seemingly endless. You begin with size and placement. They can be as small as a side or back vehicle magnet, or as large as a full-body wrap. Consider whether you want part time advertisement or if you want to promote your company 24/7. Then you need to decide on a theme. Many companies choose a simple, and classic look with stylized fonts and contrasting colors to draw in prospective clients. Others decide to go with a more personalized look, this can include business brand, logo, slogan, and images.

At Paramount Signs and Graphics we want you to have a sign investment that consistently surpasses expectations. Utilizing only premium materials, cutting edge printing techniques, and creative designs, we can provide you with the vehicle wrap or graphic that is just right for your business. We strive to continually supply superior service, and prime products for our clients. Allow us the opportunity to get you started on your sign journey today!

Do you have questions about vehicle wraps or graphics? Would you like to hear more about the other products and services we offer? Contact us today at info@paramountsigns.com! We have experts on hand that will get you what you need to start planning your sign package today!

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