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October 29, 2015

West Chester, PA – High Quality ADA Compliant Signs With or Without Branding

Posted in: Industry News


Product: ADA signs

Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Client: Paramount Signs

There are many products in the sign industry today, that can benefit your business. Some signage can increase your marketing appeal, and others can display integral information such as contact details, navigation directions, and even services rendered. However, there are also signs that take precedence over those. In most areas, local businesses are required by law to maintain specific signage requirements for the efficiency of navigation of those spoken for in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA requirements speak on sign mounting heights, sizes, and braille prerequisites.

ADA signs are vital for those with disabilities and handicaps. When the act passed in 1990, it gave those with extra needs protection from the unknowns in the public. Now, these signs give an extra measure of knowledge, and information in a public setting, so that places such as exits, restrooms, and entry ways are efficiently found. If you fail to invest in all the appropriate signs, and have them installed accordingly, then you are subject to severe fines. The first offense can reach a sum of up to $75,000. For a second offense, your business is looking at a fee of up to $150,000. With those consequences a reality, it is imperative that your business has exactly what it needs.

At Paramount Signs, we have an expert sign staff that will assess your specific location, and construct a sign package that effectively meets your ADA needs. You can opt for the standard ADA signs with a classic look, or you can work with our design team to customize an ADA sign package that compliments your business’s aesthetic and brand, while remaining in compliance to the essential codes.

We are a full-service custom sign and graphics company that strives to provide each client with a personalized signage option that effectively meets their marketing needs at an affordable price. We utilize the highest quality of materials, cutting edge equipment, and creative designs to bring you a sign investment that will continually produce the results you are looking for!

Do you have any questions about ADA signs from Paramount Signs in Downingtown, Pennsylvania? Would you like to learn about the other signs and services that we have to offer? Contact us at info@paramountsigns.com, and we will get you started down the path to a custom ADA sign package today!

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