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November 22, 2021

West Chester, PA – It is Time to Utilize Custom Truck, Trailer and Van Wraps

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Trucks, Vans and trailers provide a large area for graphics that will reach your customer every day. The larger size relative to cars allows for more creativity to get the attention of any passerby. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, Paramount Signs can create the image that gets you noticed.

The effectiveness of vehicle graphics has been well researched and documented as one of the most effective means of advertising available today. Let’s look at the numbers:

Average Cost* per Thousand Impressions:

  • Television = $23.70
  • Magazine = $21.46
  • Newspaper = $19.70
  • Radio = $7.75
  • Outdoor Signage = $3.56
  • ¬†VEHICLE WRAP = $0.35

*Source: Outdoor Advertising Association

When you think about the investment, a wrap cost can range from $1000-$5000 depending on how much vinyl and custom design work you want to create that impactful image.

Additionally, this one time cost serves you over the life of the wrap. A good wrap will last 3-5 years and provides you the exposure you need to build your business every day over that time frame. That means no monthly payment each month for that period to keep your advertising alive. Every time your vehicle hits the road, it’s a rolling billboard advertising your business.

A work trailer parked on the jobsite is the perfect billboard that identifies your business and allows potential customers to see the type and quality of work that your company provides. Along with your trailer providing a functional task, it also works for you as an advertisement. Now that’s maximizing your investment in that trailer.

Several options exist to create the wrap or image that meets your needs and budget.

Full Wraps: Full Wraps offer full coverage of the vehicle providing the most space for grabbing attention of the general public. Additionally, full wraps typically will allow for additional information or images that project a more informative image.

Partial Wraps: These work very effectively at a lesser cost of the full wrap. Combined with graphic images that attract attention with lettering that informs, this option works almost as well as a full wrap but at a lesser cost of a full wrap.

Lettering: Lettering works well to inform the general public who you are, what you do and how to contact you.  The least expensive of the three options, but by no means less effective.

Looking to grow your business and better utilize the existing assets of your fleet? Contact the professionals at Paramount Signs.

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