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October 11, 2021

Chester County, PA – It is Time to Update and Elevate your Medical Office Signs

Posted in: Industry News

Medical Office Signs clearly set the tone for patients entering the office space. Patients entrust their doctors with their health and wellbeing. The visual impression upon entry to a medical office sets the tone for the practice. Poorly done signage or lack of creates an impression of low investment in the practice as well as the capability of the practitioners.

Building patient trust increases significantly with a well planned medical office featuring professionally designed, high grade medical office signs. Here are a few examples of signs we make for medical offices that help exude trust, build credibility and establish authority in the medical field. First impression is Paramount. Below we list options for lobby signs that will help with creating your impactful first impression.

Dimen­sion­al Letters: This style sign provides dimension and texture to the office. Finishes are available in solid colors, painted or metallic laminates. Polished and brushed metallic finishes create a somewhat upscale, sanitary appearance. Painted or solid color finishes add “pop” to the wall. Either way, this type of sign stands out upon entry to an office.

Pan­el Signs: Panel signs do not have to be a bland flat panel. We have designed this style sign with multi-surface graphics, frost and dimensional letters. Installed with either a cable suspension system or standoffs, this style sign offers many options.

Illuminated Signs: The ultimate in style, a backlit or halo-lit dimensional sign on your lobby wall makes a statement. You are successful, proud of your brand and want everyone to know that you are the professional that patients want to see.

Wall Wraps: Wall wraps provide a means to create the environment that provides interest, information or just a relaxing atmosphere. Sometimes going to the doctor’s office can be stressful. Creating a calming environment helps your patients relax.

Floor decals: Floor decals work well in all types of medical centers. These custom medical offices serve many functions. They guide visitors, section off areas or mark social distancing perimeters. They can even be used to decorate children’s areas with fun graphics. They withstand heavy foot traffic, remain vibrant and take up very little space.

This is certainly not a complete list of options as Paramount Signs is a custom sign design and fabrication company. We will work with your team to create the ultimate environment that will invite your patients into a space that is comforting, informative and memorable. If you are creating your new space or interested in renovating your existing space, give the pros at Paramount Signs a call. We can help you through all aspects of the creative process as well manage the project from start to finish.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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