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July 26, 2021

West Chester, PA – Rebrand and Drive Occupancy with Apartment Complex Signs

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Apartment living has become a preferred option for the younger generation as well as older couples. The younger generations are looking for more time to travel and explore. Instead of spending your weekends on home maintenance projects or mowing a yard, you can take your kids to the park and the pool. You can relax more and even nap more without thinking about things that need done around the house.

Rebranded monument sign for The Gateway Apartments in West Chester!

The lifestyle of apartment living has become very attractive to folks of all walks. Now the challenge for apartment community owners is to not only attract new tenants, but to retain them. The apartment community space has become very competitive. Offering modern amenities, decor and outside space is more important than ever.

First impressions are key to drawing in new potential tenants. Signage is one of those first impression elements. A well designed and place monument sign is not only welcoming but also stands out as a centerpiece for the entrance of your community. An old and deteriorated entrance sign is surely a sign of a poorly maintained facility.

Branded Leasing office sign with hours and information.

Once on the property, clear signage for way finding is a must. Additionally, consistency with your signage is also critical. Seeing the same format, colors and shapes is calming for new visitors. It reduces the stress of having to focus and interpret signs that are not similar in shape, color, font and messaging.

People need to feel connected to the place so that they want to live there. Branding that inspires that sense of connection not only gets the attention of potential tenants, but it also causes current tenants to move less often. By branding your apartment signage design to give a welcoming, unified sense of place, you can help tenants feel right at home—and keep your bottom-line in the black.

Directional signage to help locate the apartment community.

Well executed apartment signage design shares the same key elements. It’s highly functional, it’s in line with the target demographics’ brand vision, and complements the architectural design of the community. When all of these elements align, your signage becomes a working partner for you for years to come.

At Paramount Signs, we pride ourselves with cohesive designs that fit your goals. Out talented design stall will work with you to create the perfect sign package that will impress the most discriminating tenement.

So if you are interested in boosting your brand in your community and attract more tenants, give Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

Remember “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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