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December 14, 2020

Haveford, PA -Keep Students and the Community Safe with Custom Signs for Schools

Posted in: Industry News

Over the past year the corona virus pandemic has disrupted the lives of teachers, students and families across the country. Our current environment is in a state of flux. Open today, hybrid schedules, online only,  closed for 3 weeks. It’s very difficult to keep up with the ebbs and tides associated with the COVID Virus and the ever changing state of infection rates used to determine how these facilities operate.

Clear communication is not only imperative for safety but can also help restore confidence and provide stability to the students and family lives. While electronic forms of communication are essential, professional and welcoming signage on the school grounds and campuses create a system that helps when students or faculty are on site.

Safety has always been an important component of any education environment; now however, social distancing and disease prevention are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Guidelines from the NAIS and other authorities outline various measures to help maintain health and sanitation. To meet these new demands, your school needs appropriate visual communications throughout your facility as you resume operations.

Traffic management, social distancing and hygiene signage are very effective to help reduce the risk of transmission. Appropriate signage placed in strategic areas works to remind and instruct students, parents, and staff what the appropriate guidelines are to keep them safe. Constant drilling of what to do and how to do it can seem intrusive at times, welcoming signage with softer fonts, shapes and colors help tremendously in getting a message across without appearing as demanding.

The exterior signs are the first impression that your school presents to the community. Electronic message centers incorporated into your monument sign is a great way to communicate to your community. The greatest advantage is that you can change the message at any time to keep your students, parents and neighborhood up to date with any pertinent information and events.

Way finding signs are critical to manage traffic safely, direct staff, students, busses and visitors to the appropriate locations with no stress or confusion.

There are also types of signage that can be implemented that really do not come across as signage.

Wall murals/graphics, motivational wall art or floor graphics are a great way to brighten up your facility as well as support school pride, instill creativity and excite the mind through visual stimulus. These types of signs create a fun and inviting atmosphere and reflect the School Districts commitment to providing an environment that promotes their culture, their support for creative thinking and a fun environment that invigorates the mind.

If you are trying to update your school or campus to improve the safety, appeal and overall experience for the students, give us a call for a free consultation. With students not in the classrooms full time now is the perfect time to get signage installed to allow for a smooth transition in the spring!

We believe that getting you noticed (and keeping our community safe) is PARAMOUNT!

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