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November 30, 2020

Chester County, PA – Promote your Business this Season with Temporary Signs

Posted in: Industry News

As we enter the holiday season and approach the new year, the way businesses are operating is vastly different than it was a year ago. Businesses at large are working from home, those with brick and mortar storefronts are struggling, curbside pickup has become the norm: but what does this mean for signage?

When it comes to a constantly changing business environment it is more important than ever to keep the community informed. The need for flexibility and constant adaptation leave much to be desired when it comes to upholding a cohesive and well put together brand.

Recognizing that branding is an essential component to the success of any business, how can both branding and flexibility be managed?

Temporary and Portable signs are the answer!

What are Temporary Signs?

Temporary signs are a short-term signage solution that are used for a set period of time and then removed. Temporary signs are traditionally made from lightweight materials, such as PVC, plastic, canvas, and vinyl. Temporary signs are also budget friendly due to the short-term use and cheaper materials utilized. While not all temporary signs are portable, all portable signs are temporary. Unlike traditional signage which is meant to be a permanent fixture, temporary signs are great for event signage, promotional signage as well as informing the consumers of changes to your business due to the pandemic.

Types of Temporary Signs

  • Yard Signs:Yard signs are arguably the most common type of temporary signage. Commonly used for political advertising, yard signs are an inexpensive and highly useful form of advertising. Yard Signs are commonly used for directional signage, event signage, sales promotions and for recognizing personal achievements.
  • Traditional Banner Signs: When it comes to banners there are many different options available. Traditional banners are printed on a 13 oz. banner material, hemmed with grommets and then can be hung interiorly or exteriorly. Banners are used often to promote sales, openings and changes to a business environment in a large viewable format.
  • Retractable Banners:Unlike traditional banners, retractable banners are mounted within a track and are free standing entities that are intended for interior use. While they are wildly popular for trade shows, retractable banners are a bold and beautiful way to promote your branding all while keeping costs down. The best aspect is they are 100% portable! The film retracts into a coil within the base allowing for easy transportation!
  • Vinyl Graphics:While normally vinyl graphics are not seen as a temporary sign type, due to the COVID pandemic the use of vinyl for social distancing and other health and safety reminders has skyrocketed. Vinyl can apply to nearly any surface and can be removed from most surfaces without damaging it. Both temporary and permanent vinyl are prevalent in the sign industry and are chosen based on application.
  • A-frame signs: A frames, or sidewalk signs are a popular advertising choice for any business with heavy foot traffic. These signs can easily be placed in the path to direct people into your stores (or to the areas to wait for curbside pickup).

With the holidays looking so different this year and businesses working diligently to keep the community safe we are offering a special year end promotion on traditional banners, retractable banners and yard signs!

We believe that getting you noticed (while keeping you and our community safe) is PARAMOUNT!

Year End Banner Sale Special!

  • Full color, 13 oz. single sided banner with grommets: $4.50/square foot
  • Econom-x 33.5” x 80” retractable banner: $130 (price includes banner stand)
  • 18” x 24” double sided yardsigns with stakes: $35 each (quantities 1-9) $16 each (quantities of 10)

*Price does not include art. Order by the end of the year to capitalize on these prices!

For more information or a free quote contact us today!

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