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September 28, 2020

Haverford, PA – From a Classic Post Sign to Custom Branded Post Sign Packages

Posted in: Industry News

Ah yes, the post sign. This type of sign is one of the most taken for granted type signs yet there are probably far more post signs in your area than any other type of sign. Anything from parking signs to speed limit signs to way finding and location markers. Just think about it, as you are driving to a destination you abide by the speed limit signs, you navigate by the pole signs that identify streets and roadways and you also park according to handicap, location identification or time limited parking spots. Post signs are key to making your trip navigation easy and compliant with local codes and laws.

Just because these signs are everywhere doesn’t mean they have to be boring or uninteresting. As a property manager at an apartment community you want to create an inviting and interesting experience by adding your logo or creating some additional interest with dimension via a carved sign. Club house and office signs can be very appealing with dimension added to the signs as well as changeable office hours sliders to add flexibility throughout the seasons. Retail centers can easily be marked to show parking for specific stores or offices to insure the customer has the easiest access to that establishment. Controlling the duration of parking is also a means to manage the parking availability for pickup areas or service areas.

Post signs are available in many styles and materials. Anything from the basic green u-channel post to an exotic wood or PVC posts or aluminum post for durability and appearance, you can create the image that best reflects your intent. As with the posts, the panel sign can be quite varied. Different shapes, sizes and thickness of aluminum are available to match your budget and durability needs as well as varied carved materials to give that higher end look.

Whatever your needs are, Paramount Signs can create a custom sign package that meets your needs. Our design team exceeds at creating an image that best reflects your intent. Whether it is a basic parking or way finding sign or sign that makes a statement, we have got you covered!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

Contact us today for a free quote!

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