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September 18, 2020

Downingtown, PA – Promote Special Events with Custom Feather Banner Flags

Posted in: Industry News

Feather flags and banner flags are terms used interchangeably. These products are a traditional advertising device for any size business. Their uses are endless. From advertising grand openings and special events, to way finding and general communications to potential customers or clients. They can range anywhere from 10 ft. tall to 20 ft. tall and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Like all forms of advertising there are the pros and cons. Feather flags are affordable and they work very well when drawing attention to an event or place. These flags are perfect for branding especially with big brands because they recognize the success that comes from them. Feather flags move organically so they are ideal for a quick attention grab. As such, just like most forms of traditional advertising , the flags are designed for logos not for communicating a long message.

When it comes to promotional events, businesses that have a brick and mortar location can draw in a significant amount of outside traffic if they strategically use the flags. When ordering flags it’s important to understand that one is not enough. When many flags are out and dancing in the wind the attention naturally comes in. One flag can work, but to be really effective it’s all about having multiple flags visible.

Single sided flags are printed on one side and show a reverse image on the back. The image on the flag is viewable from the back, but it will be mirrored. This is recommended on flags with dark colors as darker colors show more prominently in reverse than light colors which tend to appear faded.

Double sided feather flags are two flags stitched back to back. Our flags also have a blocker panel in the middle to prevent light shining through causing shadows from the opposite side. These flags provide the correct image no matter which side you see it as opposed to a single side that projects a reverse image on one side.

Here are a few things to consider when using Feather Flags for your marketing strategy.

Color Selection
Choosing the right color to represent your brand will help with the effectiveness of the marketing. Colors that are brighter reach a larger audience, however you want to use color in a proper method so as not to look unprofessional. Evaluating the color personality of your target audience should be considered when selecting colors. Our experienced designers are familiar with color strategy and incorporate that science into all our designs for maximum effectiveness.

Placing the flags in the right place is the most crucial part of any traditional campaign strategy. Not every business has the ideal location in regards to visibility, however you don’t want to place the flags too far away from your location unless you are promoting a remote event. Flags should be where there is the highest volume of traffic whether it be a highway or pedestrian walk way.

Special Events
Businesses should not keep the flags out all year unless they notice an increase in visitors from the flags. Flags have a stronger effect when they are used for promoting special events. Events need them to notify the public something special is going on. Most local community drivers are not passing the business for the first time, the flags will send strong signals to the local residents who have been by the business many times. The promotional event can be once a month, or once a year. Over time the flags will keep their effectiveness if they are used spontaneously. Using the flags spontaneously will also prevent the flag from fading in the sun. Another word of caution is that the flags are rated for up to 25mph winds so if you have a storm or windy weather coming it is best to bring the flags indoors.

If you are considering adding feather flags to your marketing campaign or special event, give us a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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