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September 14, 2020

Malvern, PA – How Your Home or Business Can Benefit from Custom Building Signs

Posted in: Industry News

The face of your storefront or building is the very first impression of your business that many prospective clients or customers get.

Attractive, high quality signs are what distinguish you from the other businesses surrounding you. They allow you capture the attention and interest of more people, ultimately bringing more dollars in your door.

Whether you want promotional signs that lure more visitors or a logo sign that builds your brand, we’re able to design, manufacture, and even install the ideal building signage your business needs!

Another consideration is that building signs can be for personal use as well. Many vacation home owners like to name their property and display it on a carved sign. Farms and estates are also commonly named and signs are a great way for the owners to display that name. Property owners renting personal properties will display a custom sign with the name of the property to help renters find the house. Signs can also be used to add a little flair or personality to your home in the right setting.

The Right Sign For Your Building

Different companies have different needs and policies in regard to their building sign. There are many factors that affect your building signage such as branding, target customers, location, and budget.

Our expert sign consultants will evaluate your building and your available space in order to be able to recommend you the most effective signage solution to suit your business goals. We will handle all details for you, starting with the pre-sales consultation through the installation of your sign. We will assist you with everything needed for you to have your sign up on your building as scheduled.

Types Of Building Signs

Our design team may suggest several standard types of signage that fits your needs and the local ordinances or they can create a one of a kind design for a unique look. Our designers know when to recommend signage that’s fits in with the surrounding architecture and landscape, and when to choose a contrasting style. Our ultimate goal is to make the name of your business stand out from the crowd, while also keeping it in line with your brand identity.

Our signs are custom designed to suit the needs and the requirements of our customers. This means that even if you use the same lettering as your neighbors, we are going to develop a unique style to make your sign one of a kind.

Channel Letters And Dimensional Letters

Channel letters are one our most popular products, and they have many options in terms of style, fonts, and colors available. Both dimensional and channel letters can incorporate individual numbers or letters, but logos and shapes are also possible. These popular choices work for many kinds of businesses, ranging from retail stores to even manufacturing sites, given their range of customization and durability. Channel letters can have lights housed inside them since their faces are often transparent. Dimensional letters are usually cut out of a single sheet of acrylic or metal and then backlit for additional attention.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated building signs allow for your business to be spotted easily whether it’s daytime or not. A variety of signage types work well for backlighting or lighting. Channel letter signs get backlit often, and cabinet signs nearly always have an internal lighting element. These are great for businesses open late, like bars, convenience stores, theaters, gas stations, and retailers. Lit signage helps all of them increase their visibility.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs, and Blade Signs

These kinds of signs go by many names, but what they all do is stick out perpendicular from a building rather than flat. Such signs are sometimes backlit cabinet signs, They are effective for getting foot traffic to stop and come in, so they’re often paired with storefront signage. They might also be used as directional signs for any business located inside a building but without its own storefront, like an accounting office sitting above a restaurant.

Awning Signs

Awning signs can work double time as both something that protects a storefront but also an identifying feature. These are typically constructed using stretched canvas material, but they might also be made of metal or other fabrics, based on the specifications and desires you have. We often recommend weather-resistant products for maximum lifespan. Awning signs work great for a place looking to create a boutique-like atmosphere, or if you just think a canopy is a necessity, like if you run a hotel or outdoor restaurant.

If you are considering a sign for your personal use or business use, give us a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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