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August 24, 2020

West Chester, PA – Transform your Office with Branded Window Frost and Graphics

Posted in: Industry News

Interior glass has become a prime feature for architects to create the sense of open space in offices and work areas while still providing division between the spaces. Glass features allow for light to travel throughout an office making the space feel larger, but in many instances there is still a need for some privacy. These glass surfaces also provide an opportunity to further promote your brand or add decorative features to add interest to the space. Either way there is an abundance of options to turn that glass into a functional and active feature to promote your business or enhance a work environment.

Window graphics can bring personality and life to plain glass, add privacy and a provide a sense of refinement. Window frost can help employees avoid feeling like fish in a glass bowl every time foot traffic goes by, while employees and clients within can feel like they’re part of a more intimate and involved space. Whether through a full frosted glass panels for privacy, frosted window imagery with colorful accents, or through strategically placed decals and stickers, employees and visiting customers will experience natural light and colorful accenting and branding that makes a statement without overwhelming the viewer.

We recently worked with a client moving into a new space that utilized glass exclusively as divider and enclosure wall for breaking up spaces and enclosing offices. They want to add some privacy while retaining the natural lighting coming in from the exterior windows as well as incorporate their branding.

Our designers went right to work to create varying designs for the different spaces to do exactly that. Adding partially frosted privacy panels to the offices and community spaces, we incorporated the corporate color palette with translucent colored striping. The translucent colored striping allowed the natural light to illuminate the color adding additional pop to the color as well as blend in nicely with the translucency of the frost. The striping was alternating from top to bottom between the different spaces to draw the eye throughout the full space.

Custom frosted window decals provide an elegant, professional appearance at a low cost and will last for years to come. Windows can look professional yet personalized when they have the right designs. Custom window graphics strike that all-essential balance that creates an interest to the space and promotes your brand. The options are endless with the availability of different types of frost and frost patterns and combining with color. Out designers are experts at manipulating the available materials to create a custom design and theme that fits your needs.

Thinking about how to utilize your glass surfaces? Give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

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