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August 17, 2020

Chester County, PA – Showcase your Re-Branding Effort with Custom Lobby Signs

Posted in: Industry News

We have discussed in past blogs about branding and how important it is to keep your brand fresh and current with your business profile. As your business grows and adapts to the ever changing business environment or due to internal changes with your businesses as it matures, it is always critical to evaluate your brand to insure it represents your business accurately. Branding goes beyond the logo and promotional materials; the physical signage displayed on your building, in your lobby area as well as throughout your facility work to create a cohesive and trusted image for your business!

We recently finished a project with a law firm, Wilks Law LLC., as they have recently updated their logo to reflect changes to their practice. They had their old logo displayed in their lobby and conference room which needed to be removed and new branding installed. That is where we come in. We surveyed the site and noticed the conference room frost was still in good shape but the logo cut in the frost had to be updated. We were able to track down the original contractor that installed the frost and were able to identify the brand and type of frost used. This allowed us to replace only the section that had the brand cut into the frost and the one failing panel and retain the other sections that were still in good condition. This provided a nice savings for our customer.

Additionally they had a hanging logo panel that required updating. They liked the type of sign currently in place so we duplicated the style utilizing 1/4″ clear acrylic panel with the new logo made with contour cut foam letters with a brushed aluminum laminated finish. The panel was suspended utilizing the existing suspension system. The end result was subtle but updated the office with the new logo while keeping the costs down by utilizing the existing elements that still looked good.

At Paramount Signs we strive to provide a quality product that meets your needs while respecting your budget. If you are considering re-branding your business and need to update or add new signage, window graphics, vehicle graphics and more, we are your one stop source to help you update your image. We understand budgets can be tight, especially in the business environment that is 2020. We will work with you to find budget friendly options to take your signage to that next level!

After all, we believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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