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July 31, 2020

Downingtown, PA – Take Your Floors From Bare to Branded With New Floor Graphics

Posted in: Industry News

Floor graphics have made a big splash in the marketplace today as it turns your floor into a marketing tool, provides way finding assistance and adds interests to the space. You have seen these for years on gym floors promoting the school logo/emblem. It is now a very popular and effective medium to make a big impact with customers and guests as they come into your office or store. Colorful graphics can turn your floors into valuable marketing space. Use floor decals and graphics to promote in-store specials, direct foot traffic, draw attention to special products or add branding to your office space. Floor decals complement and reinforce your advertising campaigns in other media. Plus, these safe, durable and removable signs come in all shapes and sizes, creating high-impact billboards on the floor. Floor graphics are great for: retail stores, promotional events, trade shows fairs, festivals, sporting events, restaurants, banks, hospitals, business services locations, theaters, hotels and in today’s world they are popular for social distancing and safety reminders.

Benefits of indoor and outdoor floor graphics for your business

Branding your space:

Floors are too often overlooked when it comes to branding a space. Open areas are an untapped resource to highlight marketing messages and drive consumer behaviors in a subtle way that connects the audience to your message. When done right, graphics can create an environment where your brand comes to life. Your brand will be portrayed on your walls, in your hallways, in your art and decorations — even in your restrooms. Whoever steps foot in your organization will know where they are and feel a heightened sense of connection to your space. That connection drives successful branding.

Direct Traffic/Way Finding:

Steer traffic and manage crowd control by printing custom signage directly onto your floors. Particularly in today’s environment it is even more important to manage traffic in confined spaces such as retail stores. Traffic control keep lanes clear and mitigates congestion while maintaining safe distances in supermarkets. Floor decals can serve as aisle labels, complementing or even replacing hanging signs and assisting in crowd movement. In malls and outlets, outdoor floor graphics identify your storefront and help it stand out from the rest, drawing both eyes and feet. Stores of any kind with more than one door can use printed floor decals to indicate proper entryways. Guests won’t be left guessing which entryway is right or why a door is locked, which can inhibit their sense of welcome.

Advertise/Promotional messaging:

Most retail businesses are already on board with using this medium to advertise or promote specials, new products and events. This is a great way to get your message out for something new happening in your store. Even the heavy text messaging customers can’t miss the floor graphic as they look down typing their next message.

Add an artistic touch:

Floors are a blank business canvas. You can “wow” your clients and customers with a vibrant graphic that adds interests to an otherwise bland space. Custom floor decals amplify the aesthetics of your space. They can be used as decorative elements, ornaments, colorful visuals or room accents. These aesthetic touches can be your business’ statement piece. Organizations using indoor floor graphics appear both professional and fun. Don’t settle for conventional appearances or long-held expectations of what a store, restaurant, office, hotel or anything in between should like!

There are materials available to create a floor graphic for almost any application. There are slip resistant ovelaminates, aluminum materials for additional durability and highly conformable materials to conform to rough surfaces such as concrete, brick or stone to give a painted look.

If you are considering adding that extra pop to your space, contact Paramount signs for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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