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July 27, 2020

Malvern, PA – Custom Branded Post and Panel Sign for Local Real Estate Company

Posted in: Industry News

Post and Panel signs are a staple in the commercial real estate industry for advertising space available for lease or purchase.  Placed in the proper location at the site for lease can generate thousands of views a week.  This type of sign is a very economical means for advertising space providing 24/7 advertising and when made with durable materials can last for many years.

Facade of building for lease

Usually the sign is placed along the edge of the property neat a high traffic area.  Because vehicles are traveling anywhere between 35-55 mph, it’s important that yours stand out. You want a sign that is eye catching and clearly presents pertinent information in a clear layout that allows someone passing by the ability to read the message in a way that it is memorable. Text sizing considering the speed limits in the area is an important exercise to go through to insure the sign can be read at the speed the traffic is moving.

Personalizing your sign by including your logo. Additionally if the facility itself is not visible from the road, using images of your property on your real estate signs can be a great way to provide a view for potential clients as well as individualize the sign panels while keeping them branded and eye catching.

We recently received a call from Hayden Real Estate to replace a damaged sign at one of their properties.  For the new sign they wanted an image of the facility on the sign along with pertinent contact information.  They wanted a sign that was durable and easy to read.  We constructed the sign using an exterior grade MDO.  For durability we seal and paint the edges to prevent water damage.  We then digitally print and laminate the graphic on our HP360 printer which creates an image of vivid and fade resistant colors.  We not only use pressure treated posts, but we also prime and paint the posts to provide additional protection against moisture damage as well as add to the appearance of the sign. The end result is a sign that stands out with the image of the facility and clearly communicates contact information.

We can create many shapes, sizes and materials to provide a quality sign that meets your needs while respecting your budget. We provide permitting services as well as installation services to make the project as painless as possible.  Depending on your needs, whether it is a temporary sign or something that will last for years to come, give us a call for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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