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June 01, 2020

Worcester, PA – It’s Time to Invest in a Custom Designed Post and Panel Sign

Posted in: Industry News

Like many popular sign types, post and panel signs are versatile in materials, application, budget and design intent. You may see them used for commercial real estate leasing and sale signs as well as way finding through business parks, universities and multi tenant communities. They are also a great option instead of monument signs providing a high impact sign yet respecting your budget.

The configurations of types and styles of post and panels signs are endless. You can have single post signs with projecting panels, you can have the traditional two post signs with the panel between the post or you can go with multiple posts to create unique configuration either for design aesthetics or improve visibility from multiple view points. There are many options available regarding materials as well. Typically real estate or leasing signs are made with an exterior grade plywood or MDO. Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), carved High Density Urethane(HDU) and aluminum are other popular choices of materials for the panel to fit the application and design intent providing increased durability and the ability to create dimension to the sign.

Recently we were contacted by Worcester Township in Worcester, Pennsylvania who we have created several other carved HDU signs as well as synthetic monument signs for their various facilities. They are in the middle of a rebranding project and have asked us to design a replacement post and panel sign. Their existing sign, as the others we have replaced, had served its purpose but had weathered and dulled over time. This sign was fabricated using  6″ x 6″ wood posts, custom carved HDU panel painted with an epoxy finish for durability. We custom fabricated the mounting brackets from aluminum to avoid corrosion issues over time. This sign will look great for a long time with little or no maintenance.

As a company that values quality, durability and value, we will work to provide the exact product and graphics solution that meets your needs. We design in the appropriate materials, graphics and fabrication techniques to ensure that your investment is not only productive, but also durable and affordable.

Would you like to learn more about how a post and panel can meet your needs? Contact us today and we will start you on the path to your next custom graphic adventure!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!


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