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May 22, 2020

West Chester, PA – Create a Bold Look for your Business with Custom Carved Signs

Posted in: Industry News

When people need a service or product their first instinct is to go online and look at options. Unlike products like clothing or household goods, signs are specific to your brand. There are different sizes, shapes, colors, and attributes that create a good sign and all of those are custom components.

As a custom sign company we offer an array of custom products to allow for your creativity to roam free.

So why choose to go with a carved Sign?

  • Carved signs are custom designed and fabricated to meet a customer’s specifications.
  • The clean and polished finished product creates a high end look.
  • The 3-dimensional features are durable and maintain their appearance in exterior applications over a long period of time.

What is a carved sign?

For generations, the most common form of carved signs were a wooden signs. Hardwood signs were most desired because of their custom look, the craftsmanship and at the time hard woods were the most durable material available if finished properly. While wooden signs are still popular, these beautiful wooden signs rarely last forever, and are heavily susceptible to the elements fading, warping and rooting over time.

New materials today such as high density urethane (HDU) foam is a cheaper and a more versatile option for carved signs. HDU provides many more options for a business owner, as it can be carved, shaped, and painted much easier than a wooden sign. HDU can be cut in many different shapes and thicknesses, and offers the ability to add more dimensional features than wood.

The biggest advantage that HDU has over wood is its longevity. HDU is not susceptible to the problems that wooden signs are. HDU is waterproof and does not rot. With new durable epoxy finishes available, the sign will retain its look without fading or cracking over a much longer time than in a wooden sign.

Why is it important to have a beautiful sign?

If you are finding it hard to bring people in through your front door, it might help to put up a carved sign. It will help make your business unique. Even if you have the same product or service as someone down the street, if your business looks more unique and appealing, you will win out over your competitor.

If you are considering a new sign for interior or exterior applications and would like to have something unique and classy, a carved sign may be your answer.  Paramount Signs has the experience and design capability to create a stunning sign for you business that will create the image of your brand while wowing potential customer so that they remember your name.

Give a call for your free consultation.  Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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