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April 27, 2020

Pottstown, PA – Modernize your Existing Sign with New Panels and LED Technology

Posted in: Industry News

Your sign is the first image that potential customers see as they approach your location. Keeping your sign looking as bright and clean as possible reflects on your brand. Over time though even the most well-made signs may start to fall apart, break or just get a little beat up. This can occur for several reasons, including wind damage, sun damage and even just regular aging. But it doesn’t mean this is the end of the life of your sign. There may be options available to repair and restore your sign. This may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, it may be worth the cost to repair your exterior or interior signage. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to get too expensive. Sometimes just a simple paint job or new panels can do the trick.

Typically, the more contemporary signs installed today are constructed of materials and parts that are longer lasting and more robust, requiring much less service and repair. However, signs that have been around for a while can need much more in the way of repairs and service to keep them in top condition.

Older Neon Light displays especially require frequent repairs meaning that more and more business owners are choosing to either purchase a new sign or retro-fit their current Neon or Fluorescent Signs with  new LED lighting. LED lighting has grown in popularity because it is largely more dependable and requires less maintenance  than traditional lighting as well as using significantly less energy to operate, lowering your energy cost.

Sometimes signs are damaged by acts of nature or accidents, these repairs/replacements are often covered under your insurance policy and we can work to help you get those repairs/replacements completed.

This is what happened to Ridge Pike Properties when a wind storm had blown the panels in and completely shattered one panel.

This was a much older sign with fluorescent illumination. Upon inspection, in addition to the damaged sign panels, we noticed the electrical in the sign had deteriorated to the point that a complete rewiring would be required including replacement of light sockets and ballasts. The customer was well aware of the advantages of LED illumination and requested that we retrofit the sign to LED’s.

In addition to creating branded AVIS panels for the large sign panel that had been damaged, we were also asked to create updated panels for the SPA located on location. In addition to signs getting worn over time, vinyl has a limited life and after extended exposure to the elements it begins to peal and flake. This greatly affects the appearance of a sign, so it was time to update! The SPA had no digital art so we worked with the client to recreate the art so we could update the panels with a fresh set of panels.

In addition to the repairs they wanted an additional sign cabinet added to accommodate an additional space available for lease.

Because the existing wiring was not functional, we used the Hanley Kestrel LED Stick which are wired individually to Hanley premium power supplies providing a well distributed bright light for this older cabinet.  The new cabinet was mounted below providing access to the retainers on the upper cabinet.

The end result is a well lit, functional sign that is not only cleaner appearing but is much easier to see at night along this busy highway.

If you sign is damaged, worn or has older illumination technology, give us a call. Remember, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT.

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