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April 17, 2020

Chester County, PA – Show Love in Your Community with Custom Yard Signs

Posted in: Industry News

Did COVOID-19 ruin your plans? Are you or a loved one celebrating a birthday in this unsure time? Do you have family or friends that are celebrating major landmarks in the coming months like a graduation? While we know that staying at home is frustrating and missing out on these social landmarks is devastating to individuals, we want to see what we can do to help in showing individuals you care and are thinking of them. While signs are traditionally associated with businesses, there are many usages for them in personal settings!

Yard signs are inexpensive, easy to install and move, temporary, double sided and easy to customize. Our 18″ x 24″ double sided yard signs can be purchased individually or at discounted rates in quantities of 10 and they come with stakes. Additionally, the image on each side of the sign can vary or can be the same. As a full service sign and design company, we can create art for your custom signs or you can send us art to use! The sky is the limit when it comes to signage opportunities and usages!

Much like the newest Facebook trend of posting senior photos in solidarity for the graduating class of 2020, we are offering custom yard signs as a way to showcase your support for our communities youth. While obviously this isn’t the same as a graduation, individuals in the class of 2020 deserve to be celebrated by their community! If you have a family member, a neighbor, a colleague, a student, a friend who is amongst the 2020 graduating class consider showing them you care with a celebratory yard sign that can draw attention to their achievement in a safe and affordable way!

Yard signs work well to celebrate birthdays, graduations, landmark events and healthcare workers alike! Show people in your community that you’re thinking of them!

In the past month we have heard a bunch of ways people are working to celebrate special events while maintaining social distance and thought we would share some of our favorites! A graduate from Henderson High School turned 21 last month and since she could not go out to celebrate, all of her neighbors put a single drink in their mailbox and stayed in their yard while the celebrating family went on a “bar crawl” around their neighborhood. Similarly, for Easter many individuals wished to celebrate with their older parents and grandparents and sat on the lawn outside their families houses so they could be close to their loved ones while also keeping them safe. Many people are following tutorials online and sewing face masks for their family and friends to stay safe. Now is the time for creative socialization, from zoom happy hours to sitting on the lawn and having a conversation with the neighbors from a safe distance! We support the community supporting each other.

It is not easy to be distant from your friends and family, it is not easy to stay home, it is not easy to have events you were looking forward to canceled. We know this. Instead of focusing on the fear surrounding this pandemic we want to find ways to bring the community together. Say thank you to the person at the register, say thank you to your family or friends that are nurses or essential workers and do your part and stay home. We are a community and we are here to celebrate each other and keep the community strong!

If you have someone you want to celebrate, consider a custom yard sign. Contact us today for a free quote!

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