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March 16, 2020

West Chester, PA – Custom Indoor Signs-Great Tools for Branding and Recognition

Posted in: Industry News

Interior signs and graphics can be used for many purposes.  They are great for communicating your brand, products, corporate credo or just decorative purposes to brighten a space.  There are endless options for interior graphics and signage such as vinyl graphics, dimensional signage, plaques, framed custom pictures and the list goes on.


Wall graphics can be used as a decorative display, way finding purposes, corporate messaging such as mission statement, corporate credo, safety messages and product displays.  Dimensional signage provides a more impactful display such as corporate logos and simulated product display’s.

When General Air contacted us with a need to not just decorate a new training facility they recently completed, but to identify their brand as well as recognize the contributors to their facility and program.   The new training facility is an investment by General Air that reflects their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction for the future by providing training and education on the latest products and trends in their industry.  We worked with General Air to turn their vision into reality for the new center.


We mixed wall graphics and dimensional aspects to the center that promotes their brand as well as recognize the vendors that contributed to the training facility.  For the branding piece of the center we used a full wall graphic with an image that General Air had provided that creates a subtle effect reflecting a shop space.  In the same area we created recognition plaques with 2nd surface print on clear acrylic to provide some depth.  The plaques were mounted on standoffs to provide a little more dimension to the wall.


In the training area we used contour cut vinyl graphics to identify the specific equipment type associated with the work area.  The end result is a modern looking space with some retro-appearing graphics.  We spend the necessary time to create a design that works well with the space as well as use high quality materials  to create a long quality, vibrant display that will last for years to come.

We were honored to work with a company that is so committed to providing the highest quality products and services to their customers.  This  also reflects our commitment to our customers to partner with them in order to provide the highest quality product that fits their budget as well as timeline.

If you have a need to brand or decorate your interior space not sure what options are available to you,  make sure you call Paramount Signs and arrange for a free consultation.  We have the experts and experience to guide you through the process to get you the sign you need while being respectful to your budget and timeline. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on what signs we are making in your area and to showcase all the ways we can help you, after all – Getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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