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February 26, 2020

West Chester, PA – Rebranding for a local church on their illuminated sign

Posted in: Industry News

Are you in the process of rebranding your organization?  Is your current outdoor sign outdated? Do you have color fading, or damaged materials on your exterior sign? These are great reasons to update your sign with a modern product that brings you the better results you deserve!

Old Panel

Our team was contacted by Grace Church to help with the rebranding of their exterior illuminated sign that would reflect their new look.  Their current sign was in good condition with the exception of a few lamps that would not illuminate.  Grace Church had contracted us in the past to perform a modification on their sign cabinet to combine two panels by removing a divider bar in order to make their sign panel larger and more legible. Since we had done that work in the past we were able to work off of the past drawings from our archives so there was no need to perform a site survey saving Grace Church the survey fees.

Grace Church had contracted a marketing organization to develop their new brand.  They were able to provide the appropriate artwork in vector format.  We digitally printed their new logo on a high performance translucent vinyl with a cast matte laminate.  The matte laminate provides UV protection as well as glare reduction which helps signs close to well traveled roads at night.  We used a translucent poly-carbonate panel which is more durable and resistant to breakage.

We installed their new panels as well as replaced the fluorescent lamps.

New Panel

Their sign now reflects the new brand with vivid colors that our latex printer is able to produce as well as the durability that the high performance vinyl and poly-carbonate panel provides.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are great for many uses, such as:

  • Community Identification
  • Nighttime Marketing
  • Consumer Appeal
  • And More!

Some of the outdoor signs that are offered are building signs, pole signs, and monument signs. There are also signs great for sharing hours of operation, address, and parking navigation. There is no goal that cannot be achieved with a custom sign!


Want to Learn More?

As a full-service custom sign company, we have made it our mission to provide a superior standard of both product and service. We utilize only the highest quality of materials, designs, and equipment. Are you interested in learning more about this and other projects? Do you want to hear the benefits that will be awarded to your business specifically? Contact our professionals, and let us get you started today! After all, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT.

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