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February 17, 2020

Bryn Mawr, PA – Refacing and Re-Branding a Monument Sign for Local Law Firm

Posted in: Industry News

Over the lifespan of a company many changes occur naturally as they grow and adapt to the ever changing business environment.  Products and services may change, locations may change and many times their branding changes to better represent their current state. As the company grows and develops it is important that their signage goes as well.

Original sign panel with old logo

Raffaele & Associates, a local law firm focused around Special Education Law, contacted us regarding their recent branding change and the need  to update their exterior signage.  Many considerations needed to be evaluated to ensure we provided the best product to meet their needs.  Their current sign was an HDU carved panel installed on aluminum posts.  Both the sign panel and posts were in good condition and the square footage of the sign was maximized to meet  local codes,  so we agreed there was no need to replace the basic structure.  Discussions around a new carved HDU panel would not meet the budget available so we proposed an option to reface the existing panel.  The most economical approach that would give them the look they wanted and maintain a reasonable budget was determined to be a routed ACM panel with digitally printed vinyl graphics.

After performing a site survey and obtaining all the critical dimensions needed to ensure a good fit, we were able to match the existing sign shape exactly and retain the same graphic look and feel of the carved panel with their new logo.  The installation was very simple with minimal disruption to their parking area.  The end result was a seamless update to their exterior sign without breaking the bank.  With premium ACM and digitally printed vinyl graphics with a matte laminate to protect from scratches and UV light, they have a great looking sign that will last for years to come.

New Sign Face

New ACM sign face with updated logo.

At Paramount Signs we always try to match your needs from design to durability to budget.

If you have a need to update your existing sign and not sure what options are available to you,  make sure you call Paramount Signs and arrange for a free consultation.  We have the experts and experience to guide you through the process to get you the sign you need while being respectful to your budget and timeline. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on what signs we are making in your area and to showcase all the ways we can help you, after all – Getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!


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