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January 20, 2020

Exton, PA – Custom Lobby Wall Signs for Orthodontist and Dental Offices

Posted in: Industry News

Dental offices are busy places. Sometimes, signs are the best way to share information without further complicating work hours. A waiting room is the perfect place to share important details. Well-made waiting room signs are ideal.

Waiting room signs for dentists can vary over a wide range of sizes and level of detail. Some practices choose simple welcome signs to help greet their patients, while others provide a lot more information via a waiting room sign. Details like operating hours, what identification and documents are required at check-in, expected wait times, and more can be shared through well-placed waiting room signs. From the simple to the complex, we can create the waiting room signs that are ideal for your office.

Our process always includes our clients. We consult with our clients to understand what they need from a waiting room sign, and we also make suggestions about design, materials, and more. We understand that medical environments can be sensitive, so we always choose materials that work in this setting. Our materials are durable, cleanable, and guaranteed to last. We always get client approval before going ahead with creating the signs, and we can help with every aspect of the process down to installation, maintenance, and any necessary repair.

With good waiting room signs in place, you can cut down on interruptions for your staff, and help your patients understand what will take place during their wait. It is an excellent way to ensure that everyone’s time is well spent!

Custom Designs for Office Aesthetic

We can create waiting room signs for dentists that match any practice’s decor, whether you have a modern look or a more traditional aesthetic. Our signs will capture the attention of your clients without looking out of place, so you can rest assured that people will pay attention to the information you are sharing, without the signs clashing with the look of your office.

Working with us, you’ll benefit from our expertise, our access to high-quality materials, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We always aim to please, and are sure to meet your budget, your time constraints, and your business goals.

Are you interested in learning about advantages offered with waiting room signs? Do you need a free consultation to determine the right options for your goals? Call today!


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