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December 26, 2018

West Chester, PA – Custom Designed Window Frost and Window Graphics Packages

Posted in: Industry News

The appearance of the interior of your office space should make an impression! When people think about decorating their space they often focus on the walls and the decor, the glass surfaces are often ignored. Well not anymore!

One popular way companies use their glass panels is by utilizing vinyl frost. Vinyl frost comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures providing variations in translucency as well as appearance. This allows us to create the perfect solution for your window or glass decoration needs.  We can create an effect that can provide privacy, way finding or just a decorative touch that can create an image or environment you wish to achieve.  Whether it is an upscale diffused look for your office glass, an identifier for a conference room or display your logo frosted vinyl is much less expensive than traditional etched glass and can be removed for updates or changes.

There are endless design  options for the frosted glass window film including:

Simple cut lettering and logos – Add your corporate logo to your exterior glass entry door, or interior suite door.  Depending on the design you can determine the  amount of light and coverage to create a very unique and interesting image.  Frosted window film has amazing flexibility to support almost any design creating  the desired balance between privacy and a sense of space.





Fully covered doors and windows/ bands of vinyl – Completely cover a door, exterior windows, interior conference room windows and office glass partition panels or just a section. We can reverse cut out lettering, logos and patterns. It creates a translucent privacy screen allowing light to pass through to retain an open feel but is not transparent providing the privacy the space may need.




Colored vinyl letters and logos applied on top of the frosted glass vinyl

We can also create a digitally printed frost panel that allows us to create a custom look with your color logo or branding creating a unique look that can be combined with any of the above methods of design.

Frosted vinyl can be used for anything from the intricate designs of a logo to privacy screens. Etched Glass is expensive, but frosted vinyl can give the same appearance for a fraction of the cost! Curious if window frost is the right choice for your business?

Learn more about frosted vinyl applications on our website and our social media pages!

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Written by: Paramount Signs – Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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