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August 07, 2017

West Chester, PA – Custom Designed Truck Wraps for Local Fabrication Company

Posted in: Industry News

Vehicle graphics and wraps are making headway as one of the most influential forms of marketing available in the industry today. They offer the most value as stated in the CPI (cost per impression) comparison for advertising advantage. 91% of people report noticing the graphics on vehicles while they drive, as report by the ATA. Take control of your marketing advantage by using vibrant tools that are direct in their advertising intent. We are here to help!


About the Package

Fedor Fabrication holds a higher standard for their products and services. They are a bathroom and kitchen design and fabrication company with an eye for class and performance. Our team also holds a high bar for our product standards, and we knew that we wanted to provide a superior package for our new client. The truck wraps that we develop featured effective designs, and legible messaging. Check out the images to see for yourself!

With every vehicle wrap comes the question of what to showcase, in the case of this truck for Fedor Fabrications they chose to showcase the interior of a kitchen they were particularly proud of! They say an image speaks 1000 words, so they chose to let their work stand for itself.


Vehicle Graphics

One of the most effective forms of advertisements is custom mobile marketing. Utilizing tailored vehicle wraps and graphics will insure your company reaches a new audience with every trip your vehicle makes. Do you make service calls, deliveries, or do you see frequent drive time with your business? Vehicle wraps can catapult your company’s visibility in your community if you answered yes to any of those! By having your company’s information, and a memorable image on your vehicle, you will make a lasting impression in the minds of friends, family, and neighbors of the current customers you service!

Vehicle wraps and graphics can be customized to fit any business. They are printed using the latest in printing technology to provide vibrant and crisp images that draw attention. Incorporate your company’s logo or slogan to build your business brand, and leave the passing prospects a clear image of your business. Before installation, our team will give a three level clean to clean, degrease, and finish residue-free. These allows for a firm adhesion of vinyl to vehicle. This is a long-lasting and durable result!!

Would you like to learn more about the vehicle graphics that were supplied for Fedor Fabrication? Are you interested in developing a sign package for your own business? Contact our team today, and we will supply the information you need!

Here at Paramount Signs, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

Written by: Paramount Signs – West Chester, Pennsylvania


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