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Colorado Springs, CO – Diseases Caused by the Incorrect Disposal of Infectious W…

Did you know that improper disposal of infectious waste could cause various diseases? Read on to study the risks in detail. Infectious waste or biological waste is mostly medical waste. Improper disposal of biological waste or infectious waste can cause many life-threatening diseases. Based on a research conducted by Daniels Health, up to 25% of discarded medical...

Colorado Springs, CO – Try Not to Make These Mistakes With Fire Extinguishers

Is your office staff well-trained to handle fire extinguishers? If not, they will commit one or more of the mistakes explained in this article. Installing a fire extinguisher is a great safety step to safeguard your property. If you’ve installed one in your office space, you should not only regularly maintain it to keep it...

Colorado Springs, CO – Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality | Home Restoration News

Look for these signs of poor indoor air quality before it’s too late. The under-ventilated, tightly sealed indoor environment can be more polluted than the outdoor atmosphere. Hazardous chemicals, toxic mold spores, and harmful elements from cleaners can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to congestion, coughing, headaches, sneezing, watery...




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