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Colorado Springs, CO – Causes of Water Damage in Offices | Water Damage News

Want to absolve your workplace of water damage? Here are some of the causes behind commercial water damage. Water damage in the workplace not only affects your business activities, but it also puts your health at risk. Therefore, you should make sure that it is taken care of the moment you notice signs of water...

Colorado Springs, CO – Signs of Mold in Sink Drains | Mold Restoration News

Do you suspect mold damage in your sink drain? Do not ignore the following signs. You may not know but mold spores are all around you. All they need are favorable conditions for mold damage.  The sink is the perfect place for mold to grow and thrive. In the sink, there is enough moisture and...

Colorado Springs, CO – Prevent Flooding in Rainy Season | Water Damage News 

Do you fear that the rainy season will flood your living space? Here are a few things you must do to prevent flooding. Besides high temperatures, the summer season brings with it torrential rains and thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall affects the structure of your home, which allows rainwater to enter and flood your living space. If...

Colorado Springs, CO – Common Fire Hazards in Hospitals | Fire Restoration News

Are you aware of the common fire hazards in hospitals? Here are a few of them. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial one, fire safety is a must. Fires are nasty and can originate from the most unexpected of sources. Speaking of commercial fires, hospitals and health care facilities are no exception. Furthermore,...




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