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Colorado Springs, CO – How to Prevent Commercial Water Damage | Restoration News

Are you looking for tips to prevent commercial water damage? You’ve come to the right place. Leaky water plumbing flooding or any other kind of water damage in the workplace can put business owners under significant financial stress. In case flooding or a leakage takes place, a business needs to invest in repairs. If left...

Colorado Springs, CO – Determining Water Damage Repair Cost | Water Damage News 

Do you know there are factors affecting the costs of water damage repair? Let’s find them out. Water is not something you can underestimate, and it has the power to destroy everything that crosses its path. Water damage weakens the structure of your home and gives birth to mold and mildew. If you are currently facing...

Colorado Springs, CO – Mold Prevention Tips For Schools | Mold Damage News 

Do you want to prevent mold damage in your school? The following tips will help you along the way. Mold, a product of moisture isn’t uncommon in commercial buildings, and schools are no exception. The most common reasons for moisture in schools are leaky plumbing and roofs, humidity and condensation. Other moisture problems in schools...

Colorado Springs, CO – Fire safety in Medical Facilities | Fire Damage News 

Do you want tips on ensuring fire safety in medical facilities? We have some for you. In any commercial setting, a fire accident can cause property damage, and can also be life-threatening. In clinics and hospitals, fire damage can be extremely dangerous to the life and health of the patients. Some of the patients admitted...




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