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August 11, 2021

Acrylic Dimensional Letters and Door Graphic for Testing Lab in Chatsworth, CA

Posted in: Client Examples

Acrylic dimensional letters are a good choice for a storefront sign if you have a colorful logo, and if the sign doesn’t need to light up. CKC Laboratories is a testing lab right in our neighborhood of Chatsworth, California that was looking for signage for their building and doors. They provided us with their logo and photos of building signs that they have in existing locations to give us an idea of what they were looking for. Since the logo is only two colors, our plan for the building sign was to paint the acrylic to match their logo color, and use white vinyl for the lines going through the letters and for “LABORATORIES, INC.” at the bottom. Since the first “C” and “K” are connected, we could make the sign in just four pieces. However, during the rendering process we realized that the dark blue color of the logo did not contrast well with the existing color of the building. The building is two-toned, with a dark gray at the top. The best place to put a building sign is at the top of the building, and there was already an existing sign for another company up so painting it was not an option.

Instead, the client decided to add a backer panel to the sign. The acrylic dimensional letters were applied to a sheet of .080 white painted aluminum that we cut down to match the size of the sign. With this new background, the sign really pops, and you are able to read it very clearly. This also made installation easier because we attached the dimensional letters to the backer in the shop, and the sign was installed as one piece on-site. One last design change we made was the Pantone color and that was it. During proofing, we provide renderings of how the sign will look and all of the specifications so any and all changes can be made before we start production.

The door signs were made with vinyl and were installed directly onto the doors. We digitally printed the logo and additional text onto vinyl, laminated it, and cut it out. Door and window graphics are fairly inexpensive, and a great way to take advantage of any additional advertising space you may have.

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