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July 14, 2021

Goleta, CA – Powder Coated Aluminum Dimensional Letters for Office Building

Posted in: Client Examples

Dimensional letter signs are non-illuminated letter signs that we use for many different types of signs. Thinner dimensional letters can be installed onto sign faces or panels, medium-sized letters are great for interior wall signs, and larger letters can be used for exterior signs. For SLD Laser in Goleta, we made them a set of aluminum dimensional letters for their exterior building wall. Although SLD Laser’s logo is colorful, we needed to match the existing address numbers on the building so we made them a metal dimensional letter sign rather than using acrylic. Acrylic comes in numerous standard colors and can be painted many different colors, but if you want a real metal sign, we use aluminum.

The sign was routed from 1″ thick aluminum so the letters are 1″ deep. Typically, their logo has no spaces between the words. Instead, they use two different shades of blue for “SLD” and “LASER” so you can see that they are two separate words. Since the letters needed to match the metal look of the address numbers, we powder coated the two words as different metallic colors. “SLD” is gray metallic and “LASER” is silver metallic. The reason that we powder coated the letters rather than painting them is because the building is near the beach, and powder coated aluminum is much more resilient to the salt water air than painted aluminum. Especially in Southern California, the sun is very strong so we take extra measures to make sure that our exterior signs are durable and will look great for a long time.

The letters were then tapped with studs at the shop and installed on-site using silicone. A template is created by our designer to mark out there the studs were placed on the letters so the holes can be drilled into the right places on the wall. The holes are then filled with silicone and the studs are pushed into the wall. For this sign, we used 1/4″spacers so the letters are not right up against the wall.

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