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April 13, 2021

Newhall, CA – Brushed Aluminum Dimensional Letter Sign for Dentist Office

Posted in: Client Examples

Dimensional letter signs are great for both interior and exterior signage. This brushed aluminum dimensional letter sign was for a dentist’s office in Newhall, California. Brushed aluminum is aluminum with a brushed grain and it is a very popular material choice for signage because it’s a neutral color with a high-end look. Whether you need address numbers, a storefront logo sign, or an interior lobby sign, brushed aluminum looks great with most interiors and exteriors. George A Moraga’s interior wall is blue, and the brushed aluminum works great with the wall color. Using something colorful could have clashed.

Dimensional letters are routed from a sheet of material so they are 3-dimensional. We use either acrylic or aluminum depending on the logo design and the look the client is going for. Since the client wanted a metal sign, we went with aluminum. We can also get metal finishes by using a metal laminate on acrylic or panting acrylic silver, but if you want real metal, we typically use aluminum because it is very versatile. Aluminum comes in different finishes, and it can be painted, powder-coated, and anodized.

To make the sign we started with a 1/4″ thick sheet of brushed aluminum. The letters and logo were routed from the sheet, and studs were installed on the back for installation. Using the logo layout, we created a paper template that shows where each stud is so it can be taped on the wall by the installers and they can drill exactly where the studs are on the letters. The holes in the wall are filled with silicone, and each letter and piece of the logo is installed individually. Stud mounting ensures longevity and is even required for exterior signs.

Are you interested in getting a lobby sign for your business? We make aluminum dimensional letter signs, and acrylic dimensional letter signs if your logo incorporates many colors.

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