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July 15, 2020

Woodland Hills, CA – Monument Sign Letters for Church

Posted in: Industry News

We made a new monument sign for a local church in the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills United Methodist Church. After the sign was installed, they wanted to add and change a few things. The monument sign was originally going to be supported by two metal posts, however, the city required us to add a skirt around the bottom so there was a little more space at the bottom for more information so they decided to add the address to the sign along with making some of the information on the sign larger. Last week we talked about the custom plaques we added to the sides. During the installation of the plaques, we also installed the address numbers and changed out the vinyl of the Korean text.

We had made renderings along with the proofs for the client to sign off on before we made the sign, however, once they saw the red letting at the bottom in person, they felt that it would look better if they were larger. Vinyl is typically difficult to remove once it’s been installed on an exterior sign, but since these were just installed, it wasn’t too difficult to remove them and replace them with the new vinyl. We used translucent vinyl because the sign face lights up at nighttime and we want to make sure that you see the red color at nighttime.

The address numbers were made from 3/16″ thick black acrylic that we mounted with VHB and silicone. In the original design, we just had the address numbers large at the bottom. After we showed them the renderings of how that would look, they decided to put the entire address instead. For the full address, we had two design options we proposed one where “5650” was very large on top with “SHOUP AVE.” underneath in smaller lettering, and a version where everything was on one line in uniform height. As you can see from the photos, they went with the second option.

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