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December 23, 2020

Indian Land, SC – Contact a Local Sign Installer for Custom Wayfinding Signs

Posted in: Industry News

Wayfinding Signs

Are you looking for a local sign company to design and install wayfinding signs? Here’s what you need to do!

Designing and installing wayfinding signs is a huge responsibility. Unlike other types of signage, wayfinding signs give directions to people to reach their desired location, and one small mistake can leave people stranded in the wrong direction. Therefore, the installation of wayfinding signs needs to be carefully planned and executed.

Sometimes sign designers and installers make mistakes that can easily be avoided if attention was paid to detail. The mistakes in the installation of wayfinding signs can’t be overlooked because they can render the entire wayfinding system useless. Moreover, you can be sued for sharing misinformation about directions.

Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional sign company with the experience to design and install wayfinding signs for you. In this article, we are listing down the common mistakes that go overlooked in the installation of wayfinding signs. Keep reading to learn more!

Ineffective use of spaceinstallation

It’s essential to make effective use of the available space when you’re installing wayfinding signs. You need to understand the text/space ratio to make a sign that successfully conveys the message. You also need to judge the right placement of the wayfinding signs. One misplaced sign can end up causing a lot of trouble. You need to design a system from the perspective of a viewer and a visitor. Consider walking or driving the path to identify the points where you felt the need for a sign.

Design errors

When it comes to wayfinding signs, it’s easy to make design mistakes. However, in order to avoid that,  You should use simple terms and clear directions. If you put in too much information or print the arrow in the wrong direction, the sign will lose its usefulness. Always double-check your signs before placing them. Once you have installed them, do a trial run with a few people before opening them up to everyone.

Cluttered placement

An effective wayfinding system doesn’t overwhelm people with too many instructions and directions. You need to ensure that you give adequate information at the right time, but never overdo it. It is always best to keep things simple. If you clutter the space with several signs, you’ll only end up causing confusion. The purpose of wayfinding signage is to clearly communicate directions and eliminate confusion.

Incorrect installation

Incorrect installation of wayfinding signs is t is one of the most common mistakes observed in wayfinding systems. A wayfinding sign is only as useful as its placement. A clear understanding of decision points is vital for designing signs that actually help people. Information becomes useless when it isn’t provided at the time of need. It’s important that these signs are installed at a place that offers the viewer the time to make the correct decision.

Are you looking for a professional sign company for installing wayfinding signs in Indian Land, SC? Check out our website here.

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