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Cape Coral, FL – Medical / Health Services Now Available at Our Local Spa

SYNOPSIS: If you want to feel and look healthier and younger, then you need to visit Optimal Wellness. Michelle has over 25 years of experience as an ER and an ICU nurse, as well as being a nurse practitioner.

Optimal Wellness Health Services by Michelle Ham

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Local Cape Coral Medical Spa Services  | For a Healthier YOU

Optimal Wellness Medical SpaDo you want to look and feel younger and healthier, then you need to visit Optimal Wellness of Cape Coral, FL. You only have to spend a short amount of time with our owner, Michelle Ham, ARNP-C to realize how different her holistic approach to anti-aging aesthetics and wellness truly is. Michelle has well over 25 years of hands on experience as an ER and an ICU nurse, as well as being a sought after nurse practitioner. Michelle makes sure that every product and service she provides is 100% researched and provides proven results. Michelle believes beauty begins on the inside, and as such, she has discovered the right mix of services and products to provide the most natural regenerative healing, enhancing your body’s ability to repair, rejuvenate and restore your body over time, inside and out.

Why Patients Choose Optimal Wellness

Patients come from long distances, including out of state, to experience the level of care Michelle and the rest of the great staff at Optimal Wellness in Cape Coral, FL provide. Every service and product offered is not just innovative, but also research-based, so you can have peace of mind that we use only the best in the industry, and our staff administers the cosmetic and wellness treatments using industry leading technology they’ve been thoroughly and ongoingly trained in. We promise to provide optimum results to our patients.

Sexual Health for Women & Men

Michelle is building up her practice to be Southwest Florida’s top sexual health expert. While many primary doctors will shy away from sexual health as a topic of conversation, Michelle welcomes the conversation and she’s already helped so many women and men alike, regain their sex drive and their love life, saving marriages and helping people regain their self-esteem. Top priority, Michelle’s focus with Optimal Wellness is to provide healthy holistic alternatives to rejuvenating healthy skin and muscle tissue, reverse the effects of aging and reviving lost libidos. Optimal Wellness offers a wide array of medical spa services from “The O-Shot”for vaginal rejuvenation to the “P-Shot” to overcome erectile dysfunction, helping men achieve firmer and stronger erections. Optimal Wellness of Cape Coral offers the newest cutting-edge solutions for any sexual health issues you may be having including hormone therapy, and our newest, acoustic wave therapy.

The Most Advanced Medical Wellness Spa Services in Cape Coral FL

Michelle Ham, ARNP-C, owner of Optimal Wellness, founded the medical spa in order to make a profound difference for her patients. Michelle has worked in the medical field for over 25 years, starting out as an ER nurse, as well as an ICU nurse before building her dream and becoming a nurse practitioner.

Each step of Michelle’s journey, she was looking for ways to make a larger difference for her patients she was helping nurse back to health. As a nurse practitioner, what has given Michelle a tremendous amount of joy is the ability to self-diagnose, treat and heal patients independently.

However, Michelle also discovered that her medical experience alone did not help her when she started to experience menopause, and none of her friends in the medical field were able to refer her to a doctor or medical practice that could help with her symptoms holistically. What Michelle discovered was there were very few medical places women could go to help with their overall menopause symptoms, let alone, optimize their health to both look and feel great. This was also the case for men who were experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. So Michelle decided to create Optimal Wellness of Cape Coral with the idea of using a combination of holistic wellness and medical solutions to have her patients feel and look great inside and out.

Contact Optimal Wellness today to make an appointment at 239-471-7688 or online at their website.

“Best Medical / Health Spa in Cape Coral, FL”

Top Rated Local Medical Center / Clinic / Facility

Lee County: Cape Coral, , , , , FL


“Best Medical / Health Spa in Cape Coral, FL”

Top Rated Local Medical Center / Clinic / Facility

Lee County: Cape Coral, , , , , FL

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Cape Coral, FL – Medical / Health Services Now Available at Our Local Spa