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March 08, 2021

Burbank, CA – Need Same Day Custom ADA Signs? Contact a Local Sign Company

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ADA Sign

Do you need custom ADA Signs for your business? Here’s why you should get in touch with a local sign company today.

It is the responsibility of every business to have ADA signs that are compliant with the set regulations. Not only is it a legal requirement by the American Disabilities Act, but proper ADA compliant signs help create a welcoming and safe environment for every visitor.

They are useful in guiding people with visual disabilities to different areas of your building. They are also helpful to seniors and those with vision affected by conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. However, most people who benefit from ADA Braille signs are not entirely blind. Some of them depend on these signs each day.

Therefore, businesses should make sure to install ADA compliant signs. Even if they are not technically required, they should still aim to make all areas accessible as a kind and thoughtful gesture.

Here are some reasons why you should contact a local sign company like The Sign Studio:

  1. Communicate Business ValuesDesignated parking for people with disabilities
    Visitors with disabilities won’t be able to interact with your business if your signage is not ADA compliant. Not only do ADA compliant signs make it easier to navigate a space, but they also make it much safer. Knowing that your business prioritizes all guests’ and employees’ safety will build a positive reputation amongst customers.
  2. Promote Indoor and Outdoor Accessibility
    ADA signs should meet the ADA rules and regulations. They should have a proper font style, size, and usage. ADA also sets rules for good backgrounds, spacing requirements, size, and spacing of Braille dots. All these factors should be considered when designing business signages for easy outdoor and indoor accessibility.

The following signs can be used for indoor accessibility:

  • Designate volume-control telephones
  • Point to hoist-ways and elevators
  • Identify restrooms
  • Mark permanently designated spaces and rooms.

The following signs can be used for outdoor accessibility:

  • Identify parking spaces
  • Label all passenger loading zones
  • Mark all entrances and exits
  • Note wider walkways
  • Provide proper directions to the closest accessible facility
  1. Act as Reminders
    ADA Office signs act as reminders for employees to follow safety guidelines and policies in place. They should be readable and easy to understand and promote a safe work environment for employees, helping develop the peace of mind.

If your business involves fieldwork, signs warn workers against hazardous chemicals or pathways to avoid workplace accidents. Following safety procedures when accidents happen, such as a spill, is made easier if contingency procedure signs are already in place. These signs serve as references and reminders for field workers when an emergency arises.

Hire a professional sign company!
Now that you know the importance of custom ADA signs, get them today from The Sign Studio to create a positive impression of your company.

Are you looking for a local sign company for custom ADA signs? Visit our website right here.

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