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March 01, 2021

Burbank, CA – Importance of Handicap Signs | Advice from a Local Sign Company

Posted in: Industry News

Handicap Sign

Do you need Handicap Signs for your business? Here’s why you should get in touch with a local sign company today.

Having handicap signs in and around your premises is an essential requirement for any business or public place to ensure easy accessibility and a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. They are useful in guiding disabled people to different areas of your building, aiming to provide the same level of accessibility to them as those available to other people.

Therefore, businesses should make sure to install handicap signs. Even if they are not technically required, businesses should still make all areas accessible as a thoughtful gesture.

What Type of Businesses Need Handicapped Signs?
The following types of businesses should use handicap signs:Handicap Signs

  • Educational Institutions
  • Places of lodging, such as hotels
  • Bars or restaurants
  • Stadiums, movie theaters, and other entertainment complexes
  • Service businesses, such as salons
  • Places of public gathering such as convention centers
  • Recreational settings, such as amusement parks and zoos
  • Spaces of public display, such as museums or art galleries
  • Organizations providing social services, such as daycare facilities, food pantries, or senior centers
  • Health and fitness facilities, such as gyms
  • Transit depots, such as railway stations, bus stops, or airports

Here are a few reasons why you should contact a local sign company like The Sign Studio for handicap signs:

  1. Make the Right First Impression
    Handicap signs will make all handicapped guests or employees feel welcome when they can easily recognize and understand wayfinding, information, or identification signs. If they are unfamiliar with your building, they will help them find their way. Besides, locating exits, restrooms, and meeting rooms quickly will elevate their visitor experience.
  2. To Make Your Customers Feel Valued
    Caring for your customer’s benefits in the long-term in building your business reputation. When you install handicap signs to help disabled customers, it doesn’t go unnoticed. People strongly feel that you value them and are more likely to return and recommend your brand to others. Hence, handicap signs can enhance your brand and give a more professional look to your business.
  3. Ensure That People Are Safe
    Apart from being compliant and accessible, your business should be safe for your disabled employees. The wheelchair signs can show them where to go when navigating a place where dangerous rooms are to become more careful. In some companies, these signs can inform employees and visitors that they should wear clothing such as safety belts while in a particular area.Therefore, these signs also protect businesses from any possible blame in case of an emergency.

Hire a professional sign company!
Now that you know the importance of handicapped signs get them today from The Sign Studio with efficient and professional services.

Are you looking for a local sign company for handicap signs? Visit our website right here.

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