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March 24, 2015

Our Wall Graphics in Orange County Are Truly One of a Kind! | Superior Signs

Posted in: Industry News

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics have earned the reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing the types of wall graphics Orange County businesses, non-profits and schools want. These are not your typical wall coverings. In fact, they are so detailed and highly customized that only someone with a firm understanding of the local “vibe” and the client could have made them.

Die Cut Wall Graphics

Die cut vinyl wall graphics Orange County

These graphics are crisp. They display with clear lines and have little blending. This is a favorite manufacturing technique when working with highly detailed graphics and multiple color changes. They are ideal for wall murals that span greater than average distances. These are ideal for school gyms, churches and preschool hallways.

Wall Wraps

Interior Vinyl Wall Wraps Orange County

You might associate a vinyl wrap with the technique we usually reserve for work trucks, vans or cars. And you would be correct. Vehicle vinyl wraps let us apply imprinted vinyl that has been expertly measured to a vehicle for a perfect fit. Yet did you know that we can also apply this technology to an entire wall? When you do not want to call the painter but rather have a wall mural look that includes detailed backdrop elements, we simply use the vehicle wrap technique and increase the scale. The result is a display that uniformly treats a wall – why not the side of a building? – and beautifies it instantaneously. Add marketing messages or branding details for best results in a business setting.

Wall Graphics as Advertisements

Product showroom wall graphics Orange County

Our Orange County wall graphics have also found a space in the professional showroom. Whether you are in the business of selling lumber, masonry or anything else that calls for larger display surfaces, we can help. Allow potential buyers to visualize the look of the product before they place their orders. By treating multiple walls in your showroom in this manner, you not only brand your business but also display your most popular products.

Wall Maps

Vinyl Wall Maps Orange County

These maps are favorite displays for companies with a global reach or for schools that use them as educational tools. We can make these maps as detailed, colorful or monochromatic as you desire.

Exterior Wall Graphics

Full Wall Wraps Orange County

It is a common misconception that wall graphics are only for the interior of a location. This is not true any longer! Our vinyl murals are treated to withstand bright sunshine, rain and anything else that would make lesser products peel and dissolve. Exterior vinyl graphics are excellent decorative touches for larger campuses and also serve as wayfinding tools for any type of business or organization.

Contact us today for more information on these signage products. We work with you to discover the right color selection and to determine the manufacturing method that ideally suits your intended usage of the product. Whether it is a mural that starts on the outside and then serves to usher the visitor into your space or it is something that you want to be a part of your exterior signage setup exclusively, we can help.

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