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January 08, 2021

Geometric Wall Graphic Stripes add Branding to Amazon Long Beach Facility

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The Long Beach division of Amazon operates a facility in Eastvale. It is a vast distribution center measuring more than one million square feet. Amazon was looking for ways to make the facility look cool while maintaining its brand-centric appeal. Superior Signs and Graphics proposed a project that included geometric wall graphics.

A Five-Part Project Begins with Attractive Hallway Stripes

Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach CAWhile working with the client on the facility wall graphics and stripes project, we broke down the tasks into five different zones. At the heart of the graphics are the Amazon colors that will create the backdrop for the distribution center’s brand message. Moreover, there will be visually stunning wall graphics that our team plans to install toward the project’s end.

To start, our technicians designed, produced, and installed geometric stripes that transformed a hallway. Initially, the walls were bland. They did not create an inviting environment. We worked with Amazon’s corporate colors to create aesthetically pleasing stripes that lead from one end of the hallway to the other. These customized geometric wall graphics change the feel of the space and give it a finished look.

Why Choose Vinyl Graphics?

Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach CAYou already know that school districts favor vinyl wall graphics. Why?

  • Budget-friendly. Painting murals is expensive. Ordering wall graphics or wraps is far easier on the budget. As a result, schools can afford to treat multiple walls.
  • Durable. Our technicians add laminates that protect the graphics from fading in the sunlight. Besides that, we can add an anti-graffiti coating, which protects the vinyl from scribbles.
  • Customizable. School districts understand that they can select any color combination, message, and image combination. Therefore, this medium is excellent for the display of mascots, inspirational messages, and learning-focused artwork.

Custom Hallway Graphics Boost Brand Focus at Your Storefront, Office, or Warehouse

Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach CATake a page from Amazon’s playbook and invite our team to upgrade your hallways’ look and feel. We can make the advantages of a vinyl graphics treatment work in your company’s favor. For example, envision your previously white hallways take on the colors of your brand message. Gradient color changes are a snap. Most importantly, you can add quotes, timelines, and images showcasing your products.

Some business clients have had excellent success when co-branding with related products or service providers. Take this approach when you represent specific companies or goods that will open the door to an entirely new target demographic.

How to Buy Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach, CA

Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach CAOur graphic artist routinely works with local business communities on the design of vinyl wall images that suit unique locations. Because we understand that one size never fits all, we customize not only the color play of the vinyl but also the sizing of the elements as well as the spacing between them.

We can match the colors you have selected or create a color palette that embraces the message you want to communicate. By the way, if you are still developing a color combination, we can assist you with this step, too. Call us today to discuss your next graphics project!

Geometric Wall Graphics in Long Beach CA

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