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October 23, 2020

Rebranding Building Signage Requires a Great Los Angeles Sign Company!

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When you move into a new building, join forces with a former competitor in your field, or make changes to how the consumer interacts with your brand, you need to rebrand building signage in Los Angeles. The longer you wait, the longer it takes the consumer to build new brand awareness and knowledge. However, working with the right L.A. sign company makes it possible to get a handle on your building signage in one or more locations. A case in point is AOCUSA/Amalie Oil.

Case Study: Assisting a Well-Established Los Angeles Company Present a New Face to the Consumer

Rebranding Building SignageIf you have followed our blog, you have undoubtedly learned about the new signs and graphics that Superior Signs and Graphics did for AOCUSA/Amalie Oil. They included foam letters and lobby logo wall signs. Most importantly, these signs were at different locations.

Rebranding Building SignageTherefore, our sign shop took on the project manager’s role to ensure that the teams would schedule installations at the client’s convenience. Moreover, our in-house design specialist was able to oversee the signs’ quality control aspect, which resulted in full-color matches and spec adherence.

Here are some examples of the signs that we put together.

  • Building letters. There were three different sizes of the same AOCUSA/Amalie building lettering complete with the red logo. This aspect of the project required organization as well as superior problem solving for the installation portion. Moreover, our team verified the spacing with the specs we received.
  • Sign refacing. Another project entailed a 40′ wide rooftop sign that we refaced in Commerce. It was a huge sign that focused the attention on the white and red against black lettering and logo presentation. Few business owners realize that it is possible to re-skin several different sign types and save money like that.
  • Cabinet refacing. At the Rex Road location, we refaced a cabinet sign on a round building. It was one of the earliest projects we undertook, and it spearheaded the rebranding process.

Do You Need Excellent Rebranding Building Signage in Los Angeles?

Rebranding Building SignageSuperior Signs and Graphics will gladly assist your company with all aspects of the project. Do you already have the new design in hand? We can work with them. If your advertising agency or franchise office is holding them, we gladly collaborate with these firms to ensure the seamless receipt of the specs and the production processes.

That said, we can also handle the whole process in-house. Many clients appreciate that our shop can undertake all aspects of the project, including signage design, permitting, and final cleanup. Best of all, if you ever have a question about the status, you only call one number. There is no outsourcing; therefore, you do not have to chase down subcontractors.

Rebranding Building SignageBefore you start the rebranding process, connect with our sign shop. Our specialists will show you the project’s scope from inception to final installation. Moreover, we work out a timetable that allows for a rapid signage change without interfering with your company’s operations. Contact us today!

Rebranding Building Signage

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