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June 26, 2020

Custom Printed Wallpaper Adds Themes to Bland White Walls in Yorba Linda!

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A few years ago, we helped OrangeGrid stand out with murals at the company’s new office. At that time, we used a unique grid setup for the integration of artwork. Recently, Todd, the company’s CEO, connected with our sign shop to discuss the design, fabrication, and installation of custom printed wallpaper in Yorba Linda.

Updating a Boy’s Room from Drab to Fab with Wall Graphics

custom printed wallpaper in Yorba LindaTodd’s son wanted something with a wow factor for his bedroom. At that time, his walls were a bland white. Because of the client’s affinity for motocross, we created a grid setup that incorporates this theme. It is a perfect fit for the boy’s room. Moreover, the design integrates well with the interior décor and color scheme of the home. Now, the bedroom is cool and ideally suited for a boy’s occupancy.

Custom Wallpaper for Your Home? We Do That!

custom printed wallpaper in Yorba LindaIt is a common misconception that only businesses take advantage of our ability to design and produce custom wall wraps, murals, graphics, and similar products. Custom-printed wallpaper is not just for a corporate office. Rather, it could be the right solution for a home that needs a focus wall, features a unique interior décor scheme, or wants something that not everyone else has.

Best of all, you can entrust our graphic artist with the product’s design or put the look together yourself. It is not unusual for our team to work with interior decorators on the beautification of homes. Most importantly, you do not even have to limit yourself to the use of the vinyl wrap for walls only.

Building and Wall Wraps for Any Occasion

custom printed wallpaper in Yorba Linda

  • Wall graphics. Choose a motif for your home. Our artist will work with an array of printable pieces of vinyl, colorful overlaminates, and protective coatings to make it suitable for any space in the home. Treat one wall, all of them, or pick and choose the locations of partial-wall installs.
  • Textured surface wraps. Do you have a brick wall in the home that you would love to cover but not with paint? We have a vinyl product for that. The same goes for stucco, lumber, or other textures that your interior or exterior walls may feature. In this way, we can transform your backyard patio into an oasis with little more than a gorgeous mural.
  • Surface finishes. Are your home’s surfaces looking worn? Scratches mar their looks. That said, you do not want to go through the expense of replacing them. With a specialty surface finish vinyl, you do not have to. We can wrap countertops, cabinets, and even garage doors with a product that looks like wood, marble, or sleek metal.

Find out More about Custom Printed Wallpaper Today

Superior Signs and Graphics is your go-to provider of customized vinyl products. No job is too big or small for our team to take on. Whether you want to add a few wall graphics to a space or redo an entire home, office space, or warehouse, we can help. Best of all, we can work with the images that you already have on hand or find some that will be ideally suited for your project. Contact us today to learn more!

custom printed wallpaper in Yorba Linda

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