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February 15, 2019

Effective Vehicle Wrap Design for your Business! Look what $1000 can get you!

Posted in: Industry News

When Plumbing Works in Fullerton bought a Ford Transit Sprinter van, the management team knew that it needed to participate in the mobile marketing revolution. However, it planned to allocate its marketing dollars wisely. Which setup would lead to the best results? With Superior Signs and Graphics’ commitment to offering a great value in commercial van graphics, they knew precisely whom to talk to.

Competence and Effectiveness in Wrap Design are Hallmarks of Good-Quality Mobile Marketing

commercial van graphicsWe started with our consultation appointment. During this meeting, we worked with the client on the overall design of the product. Similarly, we discussed the use of style elements. From the onset, the client requested a brand-heavy message that would offer plenty of differentiation from nearby competitors.

To achieve this goal, we combined a partial wrap with cut vinyl lettering. This is a cost-efficient way of maximizing the display on a larger vehicle. Best of all, the entire project – including installation – came in below $1,000, which is four times less expensive than a full wrap could have cost. By the way, we used genuine, high-quality 3M vinyl and not a cheaper material.

commercial van graphicsThe way our team made it happen is by capitalizing on the van’s window recesses on the sides and rear. Besides that, we positioned the cut lettering to create a high visual impact, which draws attention. Most importantly, by placing the graphics high on the van, they stand out in bumper-to-bumper traffic even when passenger cars are right next to the vehicle.

To achieve the precise look and visual aesthetics, our installers used knifeless tape, which creates perfect edges without risking any scratches to the paint. Now, the vehicle features an attractive mobile marketing message that bespeaks the brand, offers contact details, and spells out information about the company’s services menu.

How to Get a Great Value in Commercial Van Graphics for Your Business

commercial van graphicsContact our sign shop to set up a design appointment. You work with our graphic artist who assists you with the development of a message as well as the selection of style elements. However, there is a lot more that factors into your pick of the right provider.

  • Project management. Our team sees the project through from start to finish. Every aspect is completed in-house, which makes it easy to find out what the progress is at any time.
  • High-quality manufacturing. We use 3M vinyl that is specifically designed for your unique needs. We never use a lesser-quality vinyl to save money. After all, the goal is to keep the product looking great for years to come. Similarly, we use a late-model printer and best-practices print techniques to make the colors bold and lasting.
  • 3D preferred vinyl installer. Our team underwent rigorous training through 3M. As a result, our installers are among the best in the business. Rivets, tight corners, plenty of curves, and anything else your vehicle might present are no problems for us.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and find out how we can save you quite a bit of money on your project, too!commercial van graphics

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