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September 04, 2018

New and Improved Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs for A Newport Beach Office!

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Rebranding is something a business does to boost its reach among target demographics. You frequently see it with companies that have been around for quite a while. Other times, a newcomer to a niche might choose to rebrand because an initial color and style setup did not work as well as projected. In a third scenario, a business enters into a corporate relationship with another entity and adjusts its look accordingly.

Blue Sky in Newport Beach Rebrands with Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs

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A good example of a rebranding is Blue Sky in Newport Beach. The company recently updated its logo. To highlight this upgrade in its signage, the firm asked us to create two new lobby logo signs. However, there was a bit of a twist. The business needed us to use a custom color that was not available for the acrylic it had selected. Could we help the management team?

You bet! We started manufacturing the style elements by using quarter-inch-thick PVC. It displays the desired color. Next, we added an eighth-of-an-inch-thick acrylic layer that is clear. Our technicians painted the backs in the custom tone. At the same time, the top presents with the glossy finish that the management team requested. Now, the Blue Sky name shows off the new logo design in a chic, contemporary manner. You see the signage in the lobby as well as in a meeting area.

Customization is the Key Element of a Successful Lobby Sign during a Rebranding

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Changing the way that your brand looks is not a small undertaking. It affects numerous signage products. Moreover, it alters the way that the consumer interacts with your brand. Customizing your brand expression in this situation is crucial. Our team routinely works with companies who commit themselves to a change of their branding.

  • Material choice. Many will decide to make changes to their signage materials. Acrylic, PVC, and metal are favorite selections. They can underscore your color and logo presentation with the qualities that the material brings to the setting. For example, metal is frequently a top contender because it symbolizes longevity in the niche.
  • Finishes. A glossy finish is an excellent choice when your brand expression hints at a chic, contemporary corporate persona. A matte finish it an attractive option for larger signs because it adds a richness to the color play that you might miss when light reflects off a glossy surface. We can help you select the right option for your location.
  • Illumination. Lit lobby signage is gaining in popularity. It adds another dimension of visual interest to your sign. Also, it boosts the wow factor of any wall-mounted product. Choose from hidden LEDs that create a halo effect or opt for a setup that creates dramatic plays of lights and shadows.

Our Experts are Here to Help with Your New Lobby Sign

Custom Lobby Signs Newport Beach CA

Are you thinking of upgrading custom 3D lobby logo signs at your location? Whether you rebranded or just want to update what you currently use, we can help. Contact our sign shop today for immediate assistance.

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