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May 16, 2018

Custom Frosted Glass Treatment Aids Branding and Adds Décor at Anaheim Resort!

Posted in: Industry News

Staying at the Dolphin’s Cove Resort at 465 West Orangewood Avenue puts you in close proximity to Disneyland. Nearby beach cities invite guests to visit. This high-end timeshare-style resort also features plenty of amenities for visitors who want to stay in. When the management team contacted us, a representative commissioned a custom frosted glass treatment in Anaheim CA.

Beautifying Glass Walls around the Pool Area

Custom Frosted Glass Treatment in Anaheim CAOne of the guests’ favorite amenities is, of course, the pool area. Plenty of lounge chairs make relaxation in the Southern California sun a snap. But guests were having a problem. Because housekeeping keeps a perfect polish on these glass panels, some visitors would walk into them. Unless you look right at a frame, it is easy to miss that there is a barrier.

We met with the client and designed etched vinyl stripes that we installed horizontally on the glass panels. They feature dolphins, which is a nod to the resort’s branding. Moreover, we kept the sizing of the strip subtle, which ensures that it does not detract from the elegance of the glass wall enclosure. That said, the etched appearance of the frosted stripe is sufficiently visible to prevent any accidental collisions.

Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Safety

Custom Frosted Glass Treatment in Anaheim CAGlass panels are quickly becoming a contemporary favorite in retail and office spaces. There, they sometimes take the places of walls. However, just as was the case at the Dolphin’s Cove Resort, there are reports of employees or clients walking into the glass panels. Etched and frosted vinyl graphics can make a difference.

In fact, there are plenty of options open to you.

  • Niche-specific images. Choose stylized renditions of the products you sell. We can scatter these images along the window panels as graphics. If you like, we can also include them as etchings in a frosted vinyl stripe.
  • Brand messages. Feature your corporate logo as a repeating image. It reinforces brand awareness even as it beautifies the venue. Moreover, it provides a safe method of alerting visitors to your location that there are glass walls ahead.
  • Horizontal stripes. They can take on the appearance of basic geometric shapes, imitations of partially closed plantation shutters, or any fanciful design that you can envision. By placing them on the glass surfaces, you add decorative touches to work together with a space’s interior design for a continuation of lines.

Order a Custom Frosted Glass Treatment in Anaheim CA

Custom Frosted Glass Treatment in Anaheim CAOur sign shop routinely works with members of the local business community to put together designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. You do not have to compromise the great looks of your location to ensure safety. In addition, these frosted glass treatments can also contribute to much-needed privacy in an office setting. Start your project by meeting with our graphic artist.

This expert offers you advice on the right sizing of the style elements. By the way, did you know that there are also different colors you might be able to work with? We can help you make a brand-specific decision there, too. In fact, contact us today to learn more about the options and to get started.

Custom Frosted Glass Treatment in Anaheim CA

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