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April 18, 2018

Frosted Window Graphics Give Orange County Offices a Professional Look!

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Today’s contemporary office environment is big on polished chrome and glass. Open concept design calls for glass walls that give a spacious feel to a setting. Aesthetically, this look is beautiful. It allows natural light to permeate an office and creates excellent ambiance. Practically, it can be a nightmare.

Frosted and Etched Window Graphics to the Rescue

Frosted and Etched Window GraphicsThere have been reports of people walking into glass walls. Usually, these have a minimal framework, which makes it easy to mistake the areas for open archways. Offices with glass walls make occupants uncomfortable. If they perform money-counting or human resources tasks, it can be particularly unnerving to have people look in and stare. Conference room settings, too, receive plenty of distractions with workers looking in or meeting participants looking out. You can remedy many of these situations with the right types of window graphics.

Frosted Glass Graphics Add Logos to Interior Glass

Frosted and Etched Window GraphicsThe frosted vinyl takes up the middle third of the floor-to-ceiling glass panels. It obstructs the view inside the space but leaves open enough room to allow the continued enjoyment of the natural light. In fact, the frosted vinyl enables it to illuminate the product from the back. By adding an imprint of the company’s name and logo to the material, the light now emphasizes this branding display.

Frosted Door Glass with Etched Vinyl Advertises a Company’s Name and Niche

Frosted and Etched Window GraphicsGlass doors leading to the outside also benefit from this treatment. We recommend the use of frosted vinyl panels that leave an inch of space around the glass. Doing so boosts the excellent look of the display. It also ensures that the information you ask us to cut out of the material has a visual match. Combine this door treatment with window treatments of a similar nature. In the process, you introduce your company’s name and niche to passersby.

Etched Glass Graphics Provide Privacy Treatments for Suite Doors

Frosted and Etched Window GraphicsYou do business on a floor with other offices. Everyone has a glass panel door. If you are situated near the elevator, there is a good chance that passing workers and clients keep peering inside as your employees work. This can be distracting. Why not combine your need for a brand message with a privacy treatment? By having us reverse-cut your name and logo from the frosted vinyl product, you give the appearance of an expensive glass treatment at the factory. In reality, you only spent a fraction of that cost on boosting privacy.

Etched Window Graphics Advertise and Draw in Foot Traffic

For the entrance door, consider presenting your corporate logo as a graphic made from frosted vinyl. If you continue the look of floor-to-ceiling windows on the interior, we recommend the use of custom frosted windows that feature horizontal privacy stripes. With an etched line at various distances, this look if bold, professional, and lets you keep the open space feel intact.

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about frosted and etched window graphics for your office, contact the signage experts at Superiors Signs and Graphics today!

Frosted and Etched Window Graphics

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