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February 09, 2018

Etched Glass Graphics Add Class and Give Privacy to Offices in Orange County!

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When we first started collaborating with Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), we created wall murals that transformed a logistics command center into an impressive setting. The firm welcomed us back a short while later to add vinyl office furniture wraps to make a group of cabinets blend in with the backdrop. An additional wrap application also helped a column to blend in with the wall wrap. This time around, the firm’s management team wanted to discuss the installation of popular etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange County.

Solving the Problems that Glass Walls Present

etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange CountyFloor to ceiling glass walls are the hallmarks of contemporary office spaces in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. However, there is a problem with this feature: people tend not to realize that the glass walls are there. Since there is frequently no framing in place, it is difficult to tell where open space ends and glass walls begin. People at QCD experienced a similar situation.

etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange CountyThe team wanted us to treat the windows with frosted vinyl decals that would provide visual cues to the presence of walls. Concurrently, it did not want to obstruct the view of the command center with its custom wall wraps. We worked with the team to create a minimalist approach.

Our graphic artist put together etched vinyl for windows that spells out the company’s lettering. Four horizontal stripes on the upper half of the panels ensure that the full breadth of the glass is easy to take in. The resulting look meets aesthetic requirements and allows for the open feel of the space to remain in place.

Popular Uses for Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics in Orange County and Los Angeles County

etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange CountyProtecting visitors to a space from accidents is only one function that etched vinyl graphics fulfill. But there are also other uses.

  • Privacy. Glass-enclosed conference rooms and offices are a common sight now. However, every time someone walks past a meeting in progress, there is a distraction for participants. Some also feel like they are on display. Overcoming this fishbowl effect is possible with horizontal frosted vinyl stripes and other geometric configurations.
  • Brand your business. Turn the typically gray color of the vinyl into a branding opportunity. We can cut out your company’s name or logo, which gives the material an etched appearance. If you prefer, we can also imprint the data onto the vinyl itself. Doing so allows for the introduction of your corporate brand colors.
  • Communicate with workers and clients. Some businesses have taglines or mottos that are an integral part of their corporate identities. Spell it out with the help of a vinyl window treatment. Rather than having us add vinyl letters, we can cut the lettering out of frosted vinyl. You can get your message across creatively while boosting the privacy of your location.

Find out what the addition of vinyl window treatments could do for your office or warehouse. Enhance the safety of your location while boosting the brand communication you offer at your venue. Contact us today to learn more about your options.
etched and frosted glass graphics in Orange County

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