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July 27, 2020

Bridgeview, IL – Diseases Caused By the Improper Disposal of Infectious Waste

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Are you aware of the diseases caused by the improper disposal of infectious waste? Let’s find out.

Healthcare experts emphasize a lot on the proper disposal of infectious waste. This is because infectious waste contains pathogens. The improper disposal of this waste can release these pathogens in the air, which can result in various diseases, some of which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Lung Diseases

You may not know this, but infectious waste releases airborne aerosols, which contain several harmful pathogens. These pathogens can result in a variety of lung diseases and respiratory issues. Some of these diseases include influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.Container

Parasitic Infections

Labs that test for parasitic infections on a daily basis tend to produce waste materials, which contain a vast amount of dangerous parasites. In these labs, bodily fluids are incubated for testing. After the tests are done, these specimens are disposed of as regular medical waste. Even after disposal, these parasites can live. These parasites can infect anyone that comes into contact with them.

Skin Diseases

If you come into contact with infectious waste, you can also suffer from skin diseases. One of the deadliest skin issues caused by infectious waste exposure is anthrax. Anthrax is a rare condition, but the labs that produce its vaccine tend to have medical waste which can contribute to its spread. If handled carelessly, this waste can pose a severe threat to the community and the people that come into contact with it.

Hepatitis and HIV

Medical waste contains sharp objects such as needles from drips and syringes. These sharp objects contain blood, which can result in AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. Furthermore, the slightest piercing from an infected needle can result in a deadly infection. Therefore, sharp medical waste should be sealed in customized plastic containers, before they can be disposed of.


The pathogens contained within medical waste can cause a disease called Meningitis. Meningitis can be transmitted via bodily fluids. As a result, you can experience severe inflammation in the membranes that surround your brain as well as the spinal cord.


Another disease caused by improper disposal of infectious waste is Candida. This disease is caused due to yeast, which is known as Candida Albicans.  Candida Albicans is common in people who have spent prolonged periods of time in the hospital. The waste in a hospital contains a significant amount of this pathogen. Candida can be dangerous, and even life-threatening, especially for senior individuals, pregnant women, and younger children who have a weak immune system.

These were just a handful of many dangerous diseases caused by the improper disposal of infectious waste. If you want help with biohazard cleanup, get in touch with a

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