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July 29, 2020

Wall, NJ – The Best Practices for Tradeshow Displays | Sign Company News

Posted in: Industry News

Tradeshow Displays

Read on to find out how you can design tradeshow displays for tradeshow success.  

Tradeshows are very competitive. High competition means you need to think of ways to get an edge over others to stand out from the crowd. This is where tradeshow displays come into play. Highly creative tradeshow displays attract tons of visitors and generate one lead after another.

Grabbing the attention of trade show attendees can be pretty challenging. It takes no more than a few seconds to make that visual and emotional impact that encourages people to interact with your booth. To help you out, we’ve compiled some best practices for tradeshow displays that can help you attract your audience:

Consistent Theme

One great strategy is to keep your branding consistent through your booth area. Incorporate bright and engaging content on banners, posters, freebies and other design materials with colors that resonate with your brand. Playful and Fun

Include a Call-to-Action

Unless you’re Apple or Google, don’t assume people will come searching for you in a trade show. Also, don’t wait for attendees to talk to your sales reps to learn more. Have your call-to-action right on the banners and other display options so that they know exactly what to do the moment they put their eyes on them.

This should also save your reps from having to repeatedly answer basic questions and prompt genuinely interested attendees to ask more specific questions.

Optimize Your Message Delivery

Any display you use should be placed higher than 3 to 4 feet or the normal waist height so that your message is visible even from afar. Use catchy headlines and a large, readable font to improve visibility from a distance. Keep your message simple, clear and concise.

To make sure that your message is clear and out there and you don’t bury critical information with too many images, make sure that your booth graphics comprise of 40% empty space.

Make Your Display Playful and Fun

Emphasizing a consistent branding theme doesn’t mean that your signs should be repetitive. If all the displays in your booth look and operate the same, it can prove boring for people. To foster engagement, give the viewers an opportunity to have fun.

However, you will need to get creative if you want people to stay at your booth for a long time. For this, you can use engaging images and excite the attendees so much so that they capture selfies with your displays and share it on social media then and there.

These were some tips on how to attract audiences through tradeshow displays. It is always a good idea to rely on professionals for tradeshow displays.

To explore tradeshow displays, book a consultation with Insignia Signs and Wraps.

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