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June 22, 2020

Brick, NJ – Psychology of Signage in Your Workplace | Sign Company News

Posted in: Industry News

Do you understand the psychology behind workplace signage?

No one can deny the significance of signage as a medium of communication within the workplace. One of the most common signs used in a workplace are signs that promote safety. In the workplace, safety signs are used for a number of reasons. For instance:

  • They draw people’s attention and educate them on safety concerns and health hazards.
  • They provide directions to outsidersand help them navigate easily within your workplace.
  • They instruct the employeesand educate them on where the protective tools and gear are kept.
  • They tend to highlight the exact place where safety equipment is stored.
  • They inform the outsiders about certain actions thatare inappropriate within the workplace.

In the workplace, every sign used for safety and security tends to follow a specific format and the images and words used in them are easily recognizable. Why is this? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Psychology Behind Workplace And Signage

It seems strange, but the psychology behind workplace signage is a topic that doesn’t get discussed that often. Before designing the signage for workplaces, you need to think about whether people will understand your signs or not.

The signs in your workplace shouldn’t be dependent on whether the employees know everything or not. The signs used specifically for safety purposes should be easy to read and understand, for the employees as well as the outsiders. For this reason, the text, graphics and colors that are used should be simple and recognizable.

Signage Options for Industrial Setting 

In the US, specific standards are followed, especially when it comes to workplace signage. There are three governing bodies behind these laws, namely, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to these bodies, there are four options to produce signage in an industrial setting.

  • Permanent metal signs,which can last a long time
  • Stencils and paints
  • Collection signs
  • Graphics, digital logos and custom branding systems

Security Sign Colors in the Workplace

In the workplace, there are 4 main types of security signs. These signs use 4 main colors. Let’s discuss them.

Green Color

Green color is used to highlight first aid and escape routes, which are helpful during emergencies. However, the color green doesn’t signify danger.

Yellow and Amber

Signs that are yellow or amber in color tend to signify a security warning. They send out the message that safety should be ensured through precautionary measures.


The color blue is used in areas that surround alarm systems and it is often used to signify a threat.


The color red in signage is used to highlight nothing but danger. It also alludes to an emergency that requires prompt action. Sometimes, the color red is also used to specify some form of prohibition.

All safety signs must have one of these colors to indicate what they mean.  Universal colors make it easier for people who are not familiar with the signs to understand them.

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